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Book: The Domestic Yapoo

Yapoo's Market is the name of a series Japanese femdom movies.  Yapoo's Market femdom movie series feature extreme actions such as whipping, kicking, torturing, and to the extreme, scat scenes.

The producer of Yapoo's Market is Naomi Asano (浅野 ナオミ).  She is a very talented producer, and according to her website, her hobby involves playing piano and reading.  Her website is at http://www.ucatv.ne.jp/~toyoaki/

To illustrate the extremity of the femdom movies of Yapoo's Market, we shall give you several examples.

Yapoo's Market 55b - In the second part of Yapoo's Market No. 55, a man is blindfolded with two hands tied up and two legs tied spreaded.  A few dozen of sexy ladies wearing short skirts and high heel boots.  They use whips to whip the man in the middle ... one lady whips him from the front and the other whips him from the back.  There is no way for him to defend himself... and in the end, his fate is sealed with a hot burn.

In this femdom video, you can see full of actions of sexy Japanese ladies whipping the man, and you can hear the scream of the man as well as laughs of the ladies.  It's a turn on for most submissive males.

Yapoo's Market - Other Series

In other series of Yapoo's Market, actions of kicking, slapping, urinating can be seen.  Normally, the male slave is tortured to the extreme by sexy ladies. You can see more information about Yapoo's Market at http://www.yapoos-market.com/



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