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Yapoo's Market Comment 1

The Yapoo market is moving on to the globalization! That's a good move. As one of the lovers of yapoo market, I want to pay homage to the manager AOSUK.
Experiencing a lot of masochistic videoes made by U.S., European countries, I really think that the Japanese girls are the most cute in look but sadistic in essence.

Yapoo's Market Comment 2

Naomi Asano is the ultimate Goddess. She possesses not only an ethereal beauty but also 'iki'(style)! I read that Naomi Asano is interested in the role of psychology. It must be why Yapoo films are so devastating for both the male victim and the viewers. I've seen no other femdom tapes that can match her and her Mistresses break down a male slave so relentlessly, not only physically but particularly mentally. In some of my Yapoo tapes the male slave breaks into tears and it is obvious they are not faking. Especially when the tormenting is still far from finished. Why do I want to be a volunteer victim too? Naomi Asano magic! And congratulations to Yapoo for passing the 50 new issues mark, They keep getting better!

Yapoo's Market Comment 3

YP-Market DVDs are the best scat-movies in the world! They are well suited for educating male masochists in becoming human toilets. I especially enjoy to watch how Asano Naomi is delivering her ogon to her slave : in small portions directly to the open mouth so her treasures can easily be swallowed by her slave. Examples of her skillful way of feeding her slave can be seen in YMD-51 or YMD-56.I hope in the future even longer ogon-scenes will be made.

Yapoo's Market Comment 4

Yapoo movies often have many beautiful mistresses. Does anyone know if they are all professional mistresses or are some perhaps volunteers? There are many beautiful women and they look like cute students, store assistants and housewives.(kawaii desu) Is it true all Japanese girls study judo and aikido at school? They must know men's weak points! In Yapoo videos YM24 and YM31 they are really cruel to the slave (dorei). There is severe whipping and kicking plus much more. Yapoo YM-55 looks like it is fantastic - it has many beautiful Japanese mistresses too who are very severe, so I would like to get it! Also YM-56 looks like an amazing "ogon" (scat) movie where the slave's head is trapped in the bowl. What happens to him? I also love the way a slave is made to crawl on a dog-leash on the public footpath behind his mistress. MIstress Naomi Asano's plots are exceptional. She is a master artisan and should be prized for her display of "sakui" (creative genius)!!

Yapoo's Market Comment 5

Several years ago I first found the Yapoo website,and knew immediately I wanted to get some of their videos. However I don't live in Japan (wish I did!) and knew that many Japanese video and femdom companies only sell locally. After contact with Aosuk, who was very sympathetic and helpful, I was able to get my first Yapoo video. Needless to say it was excellent and I have been adding to my collection ever since. I'd like to say I have never had any problems and Yapoo have always been very reliable,In fact I've just ordered YM-55 and can't wait to view it!! My dilemma is which of the others to get!!!

Also, at the end of the YM49-56 page there is green box with red writing. Click on that and it takes you to a nice collection of action photos from the new releases. I just discovered it!! My favourite is the gorgeous and stylish Naomi Asano, dressed in a very elegant black dress with black high heels, placing her heel on the back of the head of a bound slave tied up on the floor. What a beautiful and powerful goddess! Lucky slave!

Yapoo's Market Comment 6

YM-55 is fantastic. It begins with Mistress Naomi dressed in a beautiful traditional smoky-gray kimino. She looks stunning! First she practices flower-arranging (ikebana) sticking flowers deep into the bottom of her tied-up slave. HE is moaning but she ignore him. Next, unbelievely, she takes out surgical needle and thread and sews the mouth of the slave closed. He tries to scream but cannot make much noise. It is a good way to keep a slave quiet.She wrestles him to the ground and shaves half his head and eyebrows. Now Mistress Naomi is dressed in a very sexy mini-skirt and white high heel boots, and leads the slave on a dogleash down a long corridor. How I wish I was that lucky slave!

The next part of the video is amazing. Mistress Naomi leads the slave into a big room filled with thirty apprentice Mistresses (I caounted them!). I think some must be models - they are gorgeous - and just about all of them are dressed in short sexy mini-skirts and high heels or boots.Mistress Naomi whios on the stage and then he is on the floor, wrestled to the ground and kicked and trampled, at times very hard for a long time. He is screaming but they continue and when they finally stop he lies exhausted on the ground, blood running from his nose. But his problems have only started!

He is then tied, hanging from the ceiling with his arms above him so his body is exposed and vulnerable, he is also gagged and blindfolded. Then two Mistresses at a time step up to the stage and whip him together. Incredible! It is real whipping and the slave doesn't stop screaming. Some of the Mistresse whip very very hard and are merciless. He has to endure 15 pairs of beautiful women whipping him! He eventually faints and Mistress Naomi removes his blindfold to show he is unconsious. A sexy and cruel camera-woman shows some amazing close-ups of the suffering slave.

But worse for him is to come! To finish, the slave is tied to a frame while standing up. The rope is thick and strong so he cannot move or struggle and he is shaking with fear! A branding iron is getting hot on a stove and all the Mistresses are on the stage around him to watch what happens. Mistress Naomi looks into his face and talks to him and then he is branded.He screams and starts whimpering while the Mistresses look at the result.He is completely broken by the Mistresses.It is one of the hardest and at times nmost severe Yapoo videos I have seen. Thank you to Yapoo and Mistress Naomi Asano for this fantastic creation! I would love to be a victim of these beautiful Mistresses!

Yapoo's Market Comment 7

The new photos of Yapoo Mistress Ayano Sakurai are excellent! She is so pretty (totemo kawaii desu,ne!) and she stars in YM-55. When all the Mistresses wrestle the slave Clo to the ground, and start kicking and trampling him, Mistress Ayano Sakurai holds the dog leash around his neck. Sometimes she pulled it very tight to increase his suffering.

But when it was her turn to step onto the stage to start whipping slave Clo, she was outstanding! She whipped him very hard and many times and spoke very sternly to him. I thought her style of whipping was very effective. She holds the whip in front of her, then very quickly raises the whip over her head, in a tight circle, very fast, and brings it down onto her victim, snapping her wrist and arm. The whip travels with great speed as a result and strikes very hard. I'm sure of this because the poor slave Clo was screaming and yelling every time she struck him, more than was the case with most of the other 29 Mistresses. Even when I put the video onto slow speed,it was difficult to see clearly Mistress Ayano Sakurai's arm and the whip move because they were moving so quickly. Amazing! She is a true Yapoo Mistress - very pretty and very cruel! I think she stars in YM-54 and YM-56 too. Seeing her photos make it even harder to chose my next Yapoo film :)


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