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Book: The Domestic Yapoo

Yapoo's Market Comment 8

Rintarou is great! I have the video that Aosuk shows below (YM-14).In it Rintarou takes a lot of punishment from two groups of Mistresses. Slapping, whipping, kicking,trampling,a little ball-busting, knife-play, anal-invasion and more. The torment is very real and I admire his toughness and fortitude.The first scene in the film is amazing. He is hanging by rope bondage above the ground in a small room and a young Yapoo Mistress (she's the one wearing sunglasses on the video cover photograph) walks in and starts using a long springy metal whip on Rintarou. She whips him again and again.It must have really hurt! Rintarou is very impressive

Yapoo's Market Comment 9

Told there, that Yapoo gave me (30 yo woman, single, Bi) a complete new view to the BDSM scene. Never before I have seen a femdom video that gave me only from far the wish to be that femdom. One can see, that those women feel nothing but do everything to please the desire of the slaves. Picturing, that a man pays me for rubbing his cock on my boots, enjoys my shouting, enjoys my whipping till he finally cums on my boots, that is disgusting for me, almost insane. So WHAT is so different with Yapoo, that these vids do excite me??????

They just act naturally! I made a test in my girlfriend circle. I told them that I will go and catch a shy man to get him as my sextoy slave. First there was funny laughter but the longer we talked about that subject the more they got exited. I bet, if Naomi would appear in our girls club with a harnessed slave, that would be great fun for all of us. We would treat that man more or less cruel, but all of us would treat him like a slave. The last thing we would do is to please the slave’s desire.

And that is Yapoo. The men are objects while the women enjoy to dominate them, enjoy their power, enjoy to live out their basic instincts. I still like Yapoo 48 best. There you can see in many different ways how women enjoy to dominate their victims. I love the first girl (I am sorry I don’t know her name) she is so sweet but cruel like a cat to a mouse. And of course the last clip! The incomparable Naomi. Only her presence … not to speak about her treatment … makes the man shrinking to a helpless nothing. He is far from being horny but just a victim.

So guys help me out. What drives men to get into the claws of cruel women if not to get pleased their desire or fetish? No men on Yapoo gave me ever the impression he is sexual aroused by women’s treatment. Am I right that they (you?) just wish to be near to these beautiful women?!

Yapoo's Market Comment 10

Here in Sydney Australia it is springtime and the weather has become warm, the winter trees are again full of colour and pretty girls are back in miniskirts. This is wonderful for naughty men like me! And yesterday when I was coming out of a sushi bar two very beautiful women walked past me. They were speaking Japanese and I was really surprised because one of them looked like Mistress Naomi Asano! (She really did - it wasn't just my imagination!). At first I thought maybe she is in Sydney but I don't think so. I secretly hoped both these pretty Japanese girls would suddenly grab me, throw me into a car and take me to a basement, then tie me up and invite their girlfriends around to punish me like they do in a Yapoo video! Of course it didn't happen and I sadly watched them walk down the street. When I arrived home I put on one of my favourite Yapoo videos instead and it was excellent!! Someone on this board asked when the next Yapoo films arecoming out - but I find there are so many excellent ones already on sale that I want to get!

The two Japanese girls I saw yesterday, very pretty and dressed in minis and high-heels, reminded me that Yapoo Mistresses are dressed that way too. That is naturally, just like most beautiful girls would. I love that style. When I see a beautiful woman in the train or in a store or walking along the street I sometimes think - 'she would make a very sexy Mistress for Mistress Naomi'! In Yapoo there are lots of such women who are attacking one slave - I find that extremely exciting. As well, in a yapoo film the male volunteers are tough and endure great punishment, physically and mentally. Could I be that strong? I always think about it, especially after I have just watched a Yapoo film. Rintarou is an amazing male volunteer, and Clo is too.Their punishments often last a very long time. Mistress Naomi Asano and her sexy Mistresses torture and torment their male slave enthusiastically and with such force.It is spellbinding to watch.

Yapoo is excellent in all these things but there is something else that I think makes them very special.It is Mistress Naomi's cruel, creative and ingenious types of bondage and restraining devices that really do prevent the male slave escaping from her. Once he is tied up and secured in place the women have complete control over him. It is for real!!

I wanted to get my first Yapoo video when I saw the photo of Rintarou the male slave on the YM-14 photo cover. He is tied up in rope bondage, hanging head down and legs folded under. It looks like he is caught in a deadly spider's web, and he is! He then is brutally whipped by a young Mistress. It is a scary yet mesmerizing scene - the power that the pretty young Yapoo Mistress has over the vulnerable and completely defenceless slave! It affected me very much. I wanted to be in his place.

There is some amazing bondage in another Yapoo video I have, YM-35. In one scene the slave is fastened to a stool by some amazing rope bondage, just like in a Namio Harukawa drawing, but even better. The stunning Mistress Rumi Sanjo sits down and pushes her gorgeous bottom onto his face and smothers him. He can't breath and panics and can't escape however much he struggles. He is trapped because the rope bondage is perfect. She has complete control over him and makes him suffer. There is some excellent rope bondage in this video and she is one of my favourite Mistresses - she has the most alluring 'hiougi' blackberry lily eyes, and her figure drives me wild!! Mistress Rumi Sanjo is in YM-49 too!
( www.anybody.jp/~aosuk/ym35aa.html )
( www.anybody.jp/~aosuk/ym49aa.html ).

Yet another example of creative and scary Yapoo bondage is in YM-26. There are many Mistresses in this series and ypu can see on the photo cover how the slave is tied up by rope and lying down in a closed glass waterproof cage. He is trapped and is their prisoner! He faces upwards and above his face there is chair. The Mistresses sit on the chair and release their golden wine that falls down onto his face and mouth. But after many Mistresses do this, the glass cage fills up with the liquid from their bodies. The slave is still inside and he can't get out. The slave must be very scared! It is a very clever way to torment the male! The same thing happens in Yapoo YM-56.
( www.anybody.jp/~aosuk/ym26a.html#ym26a ).
( www.anybody.jp/~aosuk/ymv-56a.html )

There are lots of examples of these very ingenious bondage devices in Yapoo films. Often different, always clever, frequently shocking! The male slave in YM-31 is attacked mercilessly by the Mistresses. In one amazing torture scene he is facing upwards and tied by rope underneath a horizontal ladder. Candles are fixed above him so that over twenty drip hot wax onto his body at once. He is just above the ground so the women put more candles on the floor under him and ignite them. That means candles are both above him and below him!! Then the Mistresses pick up yet more candles and stand above his body and drip wax onto every vulnerable part of his body. He can't move or escape and is screaming but they do not stop.They are very cruel in this film. This bondage scene is amazing!
( www.anybody.jp/~aosuk/ym31aa.html ).

There are so many examples of terrifying bondage in Yapoo.In YM-55 when the slave is branded he is expertly tied to a door frame with rope bondage. His legs and arms and wrists are tightly secured by rope so he cannot run away. The slave is branded and the branding iron is put into a bowl of water immediately after and it is so hot it steams and sizzles. Clo the slave could not move though.
( www.anybody.jp/~aosuk/ymv-55a.html )

I love too the psychological bondage when the Yapoo Mistress in YM-51 puts a dogleash on her slave and takes him for a walk outside in the streets of Tokyo (I think it must be Tokyo?). He of course must crawl on his hands and knees. Was the slave trembling in fear - I think so! In the YM-52 cover photo other people are walking by, but the Mistress looks really cool. That would be scary if a Yapoo Mistress did that to me in Tokyo, but I know I would like it very much, especially if it was the beautiful and stylish Mistress Naomi Asano! It is a special type of bondage. She does the same thing to a lucky slave in YM-24; that is, she puts a dogleash on him and he has to crawl behind her on all fours in the street. Mistress Rumi Sanjo forces her slave to do likewise, in public place,in YM-35.Wow!
( www.anybody.jp/~aosuk/ymv-51a.html )
( www.anybody.jp/~aosuk/ym24b.html#ym24b )

It is amazing - Yapoo affects me in so many ways because each video includes beautiful Mistresses who know how to get inside a submissive male's mind and control and torture them. The cruel Yapoo bondage creations are unique and powerful and I cannot forget them. I think Yapoo is definitely number one and I want to collect them forever. Aosuk's Yapoo website is great too. Thank you Mistress Naomi Asano. I will always be a big fan of you. Domou Arigatou gozaimasu.

Yapoo's Market Comment 11

Dear Yapoo' video fans
This is the first time for me to write my comment to this BBS. I love to read your comments, especially the discussion of Anna and Redboy. Almost all comments in this BBS are filled with the surprise and praise that Yapoo' video is quite unique. Mistresses in the video treat the slaves as if they are the just tools or objects, and they show no pity on the slaves. I think the answer of the following questions could be the hint of finding the reason why the Yapoo' mistress behaves like this.

Two questions to you
Do you know why Mistress Naomi Asano uses the name of Yapoo for her video company' title?
Do you know where name of Yapoo derived from?

The answer is; Yapoo is the title of the novel written by Shouzo Numa almost 40 years ago. The accurate title of the novel is Yapoo Human Livestock This novel is very famous among Japanese SM world. Rough story of the novel as follows. If you know about the story, please skip below.
Rinichiro was 23-year old Japanese male and he was a student studying abroad in Germany. He had a beautiful German fianc whose name is Clara. When they had a good time, riding the horse, the fling saucer happened to appear in front of them, and from the saucer a beautiful white female came out. Her name is Porlyeen. She came from future world (2000 years later). Rinichiro and Clara were taken to the future world by the sorcer, which was the time machine. There is a country called Ŧmpire Yeath in the future world, which Porlyeen belongs to. In Empire Yeath, white female dominates all others, and descendant of Japanese male is in the lowest class and they are called Yapoo. Yapoo has intelligence as a normal human has, but it is no longer human. They should serve beautiful white female as the living tools. There is very unique way, in which they have to serve their mistresses. In the future world of Yeath, biological technology has been highly developed, and the body of Yapoo is deformed and modified in accordance with uses.

There are several types of Yapoos are described in the novel. Typical Yapoo is Cunnilinger (Tongue Doll). Cunnilinger is Yapoo to make its mistress feel sexual pleasure by stimulating her pubic region. The Yapoo ordered to be Cunnilinger is deformed as follows; the size of whole body is shortened up to half size. All hair of the whole body is removed with special liquid. All teeth are removed and nose & ears are cut off, so that Yapoo can concentrate its work without any other sense. The eyesight is weakened, because it is enough for cunnilinger to be able to see only mistress' pubic area. Its feet are cut off at the ankles, because cunnilinger donÃÕ need to stand up. The tongue is enlarged to fit the vagina of the mistress. The shape of the jaw is sharpened in accordance with the seizers angle of its mistress. The muscle of the back is taken off in the shape of the mistress' foot. It is usually used as the foot stand, too.

The white female in Yeath use Yapoo just for having comfortable daily life, and they have no feeling for Yapoo, the same as we have no feeling when we sit on wooden chair and we pee and shit on toilet. While Yapoo has been educated to worship the mistress and to feel happy when its mistress feels comfortable. For example, in the novel, from when Yapoo was a little boy, he had the lesson to become a toilet, using the model of female pubic part, and was taught to get to serve the goddess, who has the same pubic part, in some day.

I guess that a half of the readers feel uncomfortable or would be disgusted when you read how to modify Yapoo, however, some of you have a strange feeling at the deep inside of your mind. It is said that this novel selects the readers, which means this book satisfies the sexual desire for only the special people. And also, this novel has been subjected to the criticism of the normal society, because it has some expression of racial discriminations.

Back to the story, Rinichiro and Clara, who are captured into the future world, start to go in the different ways in Yeath, one is noble female human, and the other is Yapoo. In the novel, several types of Yapoos and several episodes, which are related with Japanese myth and custom, are introduced, but I cannot remember the episode in detail.
Clara tried to help Riichiro at first, but as times went by, she gradually became to have no affection to Rinichiro, who she once loved very much.
Finally, Clara has accepted her honest feelings and has treated Rinichiro as Yapoo.
The first story ended here.

Now, you can understand why mistress in Yapoo' video treats salves as tools or objects. I believe that Mistress Naomi Asano wants to realize the Empire Yeath at present time. In the video, Naomi and other mistress behave as white females in Yeath, while slaves are Yapoos. Actually, slaves are named Yapoo + serial number in the video cover. More than 20 submissive men have been turn human livestock Yapoo in the video. Yapoo No.1 is Rintaro. Mistress Naomi Asano said in the interview I cannot deform slave' body by surgical operation in the same way in the novel, but I can make several types of Yapoos by using the many kinds of bondage device that I figured out. In the video, Yapoo actually serves mistress as chair, toilet, tissue paper, horse, whipped animal and so on.

To tell the truth, I have to admit that I yearn for the future world of Yeath as the virtual world. But, if it is real world, I don' want to be Yapoo in Yeath, because I still want to stay human and have normal body in most of my life. After all, it would be the best way for me to watch Yapoo' video, feeling to be Yapoo.

Yapoo's Market Comment 12

great website, the best sm movies around, because they are somehow "natural" and free of the usual cheap studio context, and on top of that, the japanese women do it with style ...

it would be helpful though if the movies could be subtitled, it is frustrating not to be able to understand or to read a single word ...

as far as i can overview the board, many believe yapoo's products show the ultimate level of humiliation; i disagree, because apart from 2 very short exceptions (#20 & #23), no slave is ever really forced to ingest shit, and definitely not from let's say 4-5 mistresses consecutively; i understand this puts man's endurance beyond every limit, but what an exciting phantasy ... and i'm actually surprised that naomi asano seemingly never tried to make it real ...

a movie, where a slave, as in #20 (don't know what chapter), tied up and mouth forced open, is mercilessly used to swallow shit directly from the source, so no chance to miss a bit, and this procedure not just from one, but from many mistresses, that would be THE yapoo killer movie (at least from my perspective) ...

a word regarding the owk (other world kingdom): a beautiful place, large and stylish, and although deteriorating slightly in the last 2-3 years, still worth a visit, BUT: do not go there on your own, you will almost certainly be disappointed, the nice looking guardesses are models with no sm background, and the really good ones are gone already, so make sure you can join a mistress when visiting the owk...

for the ones interested in toilet slavery: the owk is not exactly the place for this, the main topics there are corporate punishment, horse riding games and other, more conventional games; for yapoo type phantasies, the specific tools & toys are largely missing

greetings from switzerland


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