A whip in BDSM play is used for two purposes, to produce a loud sharp sound, and to inflict pain.

In the sexual sub-culture of femdom, whipping involves beating the submissive male and is a form of impact play. Such a whipping is not always delivered with forceful blows; sometimes it is done with very soft blows, repeated a great many times so as to make the skin sensitive. Thus, the softest impact will eventually feel very intense.

For a submissive male, Women with Whips could be a fetish that he fantasies in his erotic plays.

The whips involved in a femdom play include:

Snake Whips
Cat o' Nine

Psychological Effects and Psychoanalysis of Whipping on Submissive Males

A submissive man imagines the curvy shape of whips to that of a female body... to be sexy and tender.  Indeed, when touching a whip, it is not a hard feeling on hand.  The whipping action by a sexy female is beautiful and sexy.

A submissive male, seeing the dominant woman, with a sexy body, handling a whip, might also think that being whipped might not be that bad.  The sexiness of a female body combined with a flexible whip, might not be very painful... of course, until he feels it.

A deep psychoanalysis will also find that in a submissive male's mind, the whip is actually an extent of a female body, thus, having physical contact with the whip would be, in his mind, the same as having physical contact with the dominant woman.



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