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Verbal Humiliation

Verbal humiliation in female domination is when a woman humiliates a man intensely through disparaging comments. This has two main aspects:

* Bullying the man, which can happen in everyday life, in interactions between women with high levels self-confidence and men with low levels of self-confidence.  For example, a confident cheerleader could use verbal humiliation to bully a low self-confident geek.

* Erotic humiliation, as an erotic activity (eg, in a BDSM context). Some submissive male find the idea of being humiliated powerfully arousing, due to the intense and mixed emotions of being humiliated and demeaned by women.

Verbal Humiliation Audios

Certain adult phone companies offer the service of providing verbal humiliation audios to subscribers.  They may place photos of the women online, and then offer phone humiliation services online or through regular telephones.

Such verbal humiliation audios might create an erotic experience for the submissive males as the submissive men would receive a turn-on through imagining the beauties and sexiness of the women and receiving verbal humiliations through the audios.

Currently, phone humiliation service in the adult phone sex industry would be considered a growing niche.

Verbal Humiliation Techniques

To a woman, the confidence about herself is the most important criteria for verbally humiliating a submissive male.  Try to use the following degrading themes:

  • Tease and denial of sexual relief of the male
  • Sensual domination and erotic humiliation
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Forced bi and forced cocksucking training
  • Chastity training and/or masturbation control
  • Feminization fantasies and/or sissy training

If you think you are a woman with sadistic tendencies, and would like to receive dominatrix trainings, please contact us.  A professional dominatrix trainer will contact you.

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