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Self-Introduction of Submissive Male robert:

i'm currently in the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington State, though i plan to move to San Francisco in the fall. My fantasies are those of abject slavery, running the gamut from physical beatings and torture, to every manner of humiliation and degradation. my deepest fantasies involve being used as a full toilet. In all my fantasies, i am invariably addressed by my Mistress in tones of icy contempt and harsh command, and referred to as "maggot," "cunt," hole," bitch," "worm," etc., etc. Additionally, i crave both being forced to submit to punishments, and being made to beg for same. i enjoy a variety of settings as well: dungeons, public toilets, abandoned buildings, wooded countrysides, roadsides, etc. And, while many of my fantasies start out with scenes between myself and a single Mistress, they often bleed into scenes in which i beaten and degraded by two or more Women, subjected to gangrape and gang ballbusting, and made to eat all their shit, often on my knees while being whipped or fucked by each Woman in turn. Often, numerous other Women bear laughing, scornful witness as i am run through the mill.

What i offer any vistor to the website, those Superior Women looking for a slave, is the opportunity to own one upon whom they can slake their darkest desires and work out their deepest frustrations, in much the same manner as my stories suggest. Additionally, i offer myself as a house slave, especially if they are partial to having their floors cleaned with my tongue. Should they wish to make movies of slave males being broken, i'm available for those as well, sans mask.
For the rest, i am well educated, especially in such things as world history, politics, and the arts, and can converse with anyone on these subjects. i also have a dark, sardonic sense of humor, and can make those with dark visions laugh long and loud.

Stories of the submissive male in Seattle, Washington

robert has written several femdom related stories focusing on toilet training, etc.  To request them, please contact him direct using the form below.

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