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Nickname- Lilguy
Name- Chris
Age- 27
Height- 5.8
Orientation- Straight, Submissive
Location- Plainfield, New Jersey, near New York

Stories Bio- He like to write about older and strong women. His women can be nice or cruel. They can overpower men I bed. When they are cruel they are really cruel and sadistic. Sometimes write for or under lilguy or thesub and under fanficnut. Chyoo he does interactive stores

Links of interest
Chyoo stuff
1) His straight Femdom stuff

2) His mixed stuff

Valkyrie stuff-

Adult Fanfiction chantz Forutune strapon stories-

Fethish Bio- Strapon, Domination, humiliation, Racial humiliation, water sports, slapping, wrestling. Slavery not full time. Just starting it out now. Casual but may change in the long run

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