A Strong Woman, Every Man's Desire

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So you are thinking this whole Dominant feme thing is just a fringe
philosophy, surely no one in the mainstream thinks this way. You are
thinking, women are supposed to be submissive and mild, dutiful

Well think again. Some years ago a few of us attractive, educated,
sophisticated and successful women got together for a complaint
session. All of us were alone, and when in a relationship it was an
abusive one. We couldn't give it away, there were no takers, not one
of us knew how to make a relationship work. How could we have failed
so miserably? We were so lovely, sweet and compliant, so why couldn't
we find men to appreciate us? We were all karma chameleons. We tried
to become every man's dream and the more we lost ourselves the greater
was their contempt for us.

Getting the picture? Now let's inspect the Goddess...or at least the
woman whom men love. She is bitchy. She is sure of herself and not
beholding to any man for her inner feeling of self worth. If she is
very beautiful, then her beauty itself humbles the men around her.

They long for her strength, they want to be conquered by her. Isn't it
the bitch who gets the nice guy who gives her everything and doesn't
demand anything in return? She doesn't have to be beautiful to conquer
his heart. She has to be dominant! When she takes control, she can
bask in his love and devotion to her.

My point is that even in vanilla society at large, it is the dominant
feme who rules supreme. She is the one who men want even though they
might not even be aware of this underlying need to be with a dominant
feme. Emotionally healthy men want to be with a strong woman. They
want to submit to her and offer their love and submission to the woman
who can elicit that wonderful realization that he wants to be with a
whole, strong woman.

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