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Westwood Manor (Excerpt)

by Eric

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I kneel quietly in the dark. An intoxicating mixture of sweet perfume and musky girl-scent surrounds me, drowning me in entrancing fragrances. They captivate me with their sheer delight. Faintly, muffled through distance and many layers of cloth, I can hear the laughter and pleasant banter of a society party in full swirl. The joy conveyed by those sounds is a sharp contrast to my suffering.

The tight black leather collar locked around my throat drags my head painfully back. An iron ring set into the wall behind me securely holds the chain attached to my collar. The steel handcuffs biting into the flesh of my wrists keep my arms pinioned helplessly behind me. Ropes bind my ankles to my thighs, making it impossible to rise from my knees. Yet, I strain with all my being to arch my naked, sweaty body forward, although I almost strangle myself in the process. The tight iron wire wrapped around my cock, pulling that once proud bit of flesh forward and up, forces me to struggle against my bonds. The wire - my cock leash - firmly affixed to the far wall, drags my cock and balls after it. Relaxing the rest of my body would tear my cock out by its root.

I kneel alone, suffering in the dark. It is the dark of Lady Nicole's closet. Lady Nicole Westwood, Mistress of Westwood Manor, is my owner. I am Lady Nicole's slave.

A lock clicks, the closet door swings open, and a flood of light dazzles me. A woman strides forward and stops, towering over my tortured naked flesh. She is radiant, her lovely red hair forming a halo around her in the light. The pale jade silk of her dress clings to her form, striving to contain the lushness of her body. Her breathing threatens to part the fabric stretched tightly over the large, firm globes of her breasts. Her belly is flat beneath the dress, her thin waist accentuating the ripe fullness of those breasts, and the luxuriant roundness of her thighs. Jade silk stockings encase her long, shapely legs; jade spike-heeled shoes complete the ensemble. Her body has the firm suppleness of a 20 year old, though she has daughters that age. Being this close to her, I begin to pant with desire even as I tremble in terror. She is the Lady Nicole Westwood, wealthiest woman in this part of the world. She owns me.

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