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by budgie

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I, being of sound mind, hereby leave my entire estate, less
£2,500,000 to my cherished daughter Rebecca. The remaining
money to be put into a Trust for my late husbands son Paul
It is a condition of this will be that Paul remains living at
Welham Hall with my daughter until he attains the age of 21.
Furthermore, until this time, he is to put himself completely
under her absolute authority. I make this stipulation in the
sincere hope that she may be able to, belatedly, exert the
guidance and control that his father was unwilling to provide
If these conditions are not followed to the letter, his inheritance
will be forfeited, and given to a charity of Rebecca's choice.

Signed this 14th day of October 2005
Susan Bradley.

Paul re-read for the umpteenth time the framed copy of his stepmother's will
which hung, as if to mock him, above his bed. He was desperately searching
for a loophole, a way out of the life of misery which he had endured for
over six months. When his wealthy father had married three years ago, Paul
had never got on with Susan or her bitchy daughter Rebecca. However, he was
consoled by the fact that his father always provided him with everything he
asked for and he lived a life of luxury. All that was to come to an abrupt
end when his father and his stepmother were involved in a tragic car accident
in which his father was killed instantly. Susan Bradley was paralysed from
the waist down, she became increasingly depressed and eventually took a
drugs overdose which left 18 year old Paul in the unfortunate situation in
which he now found himself.

It hadn't taken long for Rebecca, who was three years his elder, to take
advantage of the situation and stamp her authority upon Paul. With the fear
of losing his inheritance foremost in his mind, it wasn`t long before he was
obeying her commands without question. Rebecca underlined her dominance by
referring to him as "slave", and in return she was to be addressed as
Mistress at all times.

Rebecca revelled in the awesome power which she held over her reluctant
slave, and it was not long before he was submitting to the physical
punishments which she delighted in administering when finding the slightest
fault in his work or attitude. At the merest sign of rebellion she would
simply remind him of the terms of his forthcoming inheritance, and this was
usually enough to bring him back into line. With Welham Hall and investments
of over £10 million, Rebecca no longer needed to work and lived a life of
luxury. Paul, however, was kept busy gardening, cooking, doing housework and
generally waiting on Rebecca hand and foot.

Paul`s thoughts were suddenly shattered by the sound of the bell that
Rebecca was ringing in her bedroom. This was the signal for him to attend at
her door which he did in seconds. It was open and he fell to his knees
before begging for permission to enter as he had been trained.

"You may crawl over to my feet" Rebecca instructed.

Paul crawled towards her. She was sitting on the edge of her bed wearing
only a silky matching bra and knickers in a subtle shade of peach. Her jet
black hair cascaded over her golden tanned shoulders, and despite the
situation he found himself in, Paul had to admit that she looked stunningly

"Paint my toenails, scum" came the order.

Rebecca looked down at the pathetic, near naked, male body at her feet. He
was well muscled and nicely tanned from all the work in the garden. However,
the pale frilly knickers that she insisted upon him wearing at all times
made him look absolutely ridiculous. How anyone could find men attractive
was a mystery to Rebecca, and, as Paul began painting the first toenail, her
thoughts turned to her friend Kim, who was joining her for drinks this
afternoon. Now that was a body she did find attractive, although she had not
received a very encouraging response from Kim on her previous visit. Rebecca
recalled that, much to Paul`s dismay, her friend took great delight in
humiliating him at every opportunity. She had also complained that Rebecca
was too easy on her slave. Rebecca was determined that her blonde friend
would not be able to repeat her criticism again today and had planned to
find fault with Paul`s toenail painting, regardless of how good a job he made
of them. She could then have some justification to put some stripes across
his backside to impress Kim. She did not need an excuse, but it did ease her
conscience a little if she could find a fault, however small, to correct.

Eventually Paul finished and waited nervously for his Mistress to inspect
his work. He had been very careful and precise in his toils and thought he
had done quite a good job but he never could tell. If she was feeling in a
bad mood, she could always find something to complain about. Rebecca bent
forward to inspect her nails and had to reluctantly admit that he had done a
good job, no doubt as a result of all the practice he had gained over the
last few months. However, much to her delight, she noticed that a tiny drop
of nail varnish had dripped onto the carpet.

"What is this?" Rebecca demanded, "Careless imbecile! Go and wait for me in
the Study and assume the punishment position. You can also get the cane out
ready for me to use."

Paul shuddered, he very rarely felt the cane. It was normally reserved for
serious offences and this error seemed so trivial. However, he didn't want
to upset her any further and immediately crawled out of the bedroom towards
the room where most of his more painful punishments were administered.

Fifteen minutes later, Rebecca strode purposefully into the large, oak-lined
Study, wearing a short black leather skirt and a scarlet blouse which was
cinched at the waist by a wide black leather belt. The striking effect was
completed by the thigh length black patent leather boots which Paul had
spent two whole hours polishing the previous evening. A severe smile of
satisfaction appeared on her lips as she surveyed the scene. Paul was
stretched out across the the large wooden desk, his rear sticking out
invitingly. Neatly laid beside him was the three foot long pliable
instrument which he had been instructed to prepare.

Rebecca picked up the cane and raised it high before bringing it down sharply
with full force across the awaiting target. Her reward was a bright red
twin-tracked welt that appeared almost instantly to her great satisfaction.
Paul just about managed to hold his position, knowing that if he moved he
would no doubt receive that stroke again. His buutocks twitched involuntarily
as he awaited the next stroke He did not have to wait long as the the next
blistering stroke produced a stifled scream from the unfortunate slave. Once more
Rebecca had brought the cane down with as much force as she could muster
and this time Paul released a scream. The final three searing strokes were
laid on with true determination. Paul, momentarily losing control, slid off
the desk onto the floor, his hands clasped over his ravaged buttocks, his
face a picture of agony.

"Get back slave" ordered his pitiless Mistress.

Slowly he regained his self control and forced himself back over the desk.
He had thought it was all over, surely he had counted six strokes, she never
gave him more than six with the cane.

"It`s alright slave, I`m not giving you any extra, I just want to make sure
that there are some nice marks to show Kim this afternoon. I`m not having
her tell me that I don`t know how to discipline you like she did last week."

She ran her fingers lightly over the throbbing tram-line weals that
decorated his sorry backside.

"Very nice" Rebecca announced, obviously well pleased with the results that
her efforts had produced " Just make sure that you don`t force me to add to
those when Kim arrives" she added ominously.

It was two o`clock in the afternoon and Kim was slowly making her way to
Rebecca`s country mansion. She had been at her stables all morning and, as
it was a pleasantly warm day, she had decided to make the two mile journey
on horseback.

As her horse slowly trotted along the narrow winding lane, her mind drifted
back to her first meeting with Paul........

He had been introduced by Rebecca, and was wearing only a pair of white lacy
ladies knickers. As a deeply embarrassed Paul had held out his hand towards
Kim, his Mistress had quickly reminded him that the correct way to greet her
guests was to kiss their shoes. Kim had stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed as
the red-faced slave sank to his knees and slowly pressed his lips in homage
to the toes of her black leather stiletto heeled shoes.

"Would you like him to lick them clean for you?" Rebecca had enquired.

"Err, yes, why not?" replied a bewildered, yet excited Kim.

She quickly adapted to the situation and took great delight in humiliating
the new plaything that had been presented before her. It did not take long
for her to find an excuse to cajole Rebecca into punishing her slave. Kim had
complained that although Paul had done a reasonably adequate job on her
shoes, he had completely ignored the dirty soles which was the very area
that required most attention. Rebecca had not thought this a serious enough
offence to merit a thrashing, but eventually, with considerable
encouragement from her guest, she relented and ordered Paul to fetch one of
her plimsolls with which she gave him a brisk dozen while Kim looked on with
immense satisfaction and a sexual itch between her legs that longed to be
scratched. Kim`s appetite had been whetted , and throughout the rest of the
afternoon she continually tried to goad Rebecca into punishing her slave even
more severely, saying that she was far too lenient with him.

It hadn`t worked last week, but Kim was determined that her newly discovered
sadistic desires would be satisfied this afternoon.

Suddenly her eyes lit up as she spotted something that would be sure to get
the afternoon off to the best possible start. She pulled up her Chestnut Mare
and dismounted. After tying her horse to a fence, she walked over to a large
muddy puddle and took great delight in trampling backwards and forwards
through the thick, murky water. When she was finally satisfied that her
boots were suitably coated in mud, she walked back to her waiting mare to
continue her journey.

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