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Femdom Novel:


Slaves of Lesbos
by Aline d'Arbrant
Translation by number 76
(chapter 10).

To purchase the book, please visit http://editions.gynarchy.org

Femdom Novel: Slaves of LesbosThe darkness is gone. A luminous rectangle takes shape on the wall which faces my berth. An image appears. It is the island seen by air. The voice of the Princess returns. “Hello, future slave. Your life belongs to me, you know it. I will show you what I have decided to do... Initially, it is here, on this island, which you will live your remaining days. Look, it is beautiful... The island is indeed a paradise. I would be the first to recognise it even if I did not know what occurs there.”

“In this marvelous island, you will live with a woman. A woman like this one, for example...” The image shows a splendid creature lengthened on sand. She is stretched languorously caressing her breasts. She has closed eyes and her body undulates with pleasure. Then her hand moves towards her belly and passes under her small panties. Light spasms start to shake her gently. The spectacle is very erotic.

“You see, this woman does not need a man to enjoy herself. Look she is all alone! Indeed, her pleasure is not simulated for the needs for the camera and yet her body literally seems to vibrate with pleasure. You will understand, future slave, that the woman to which you will be allotted will certainly not ask you to give her this kind of pleasure! Now look at this!”

Another woman, also beautiful, has just appeared on the screen and lies close to the first. The two women embrace each other impetuously. They caress in the most intimate places. One of them removes the panties of the other and directs her mouth towards her friend’s sex. She embraces it gently, licks it lovingly. The other, during this time, practices the same operation. They are mutually excited and their two bodies quiver violently.

“Looks upon it well! You are not able to give them as much pleasure. No man is able! Two women between them understand, know when to wait and when to give to the other. All the women of Women-Island act in the same way. The men cannot be used in such enjoyment. Another employment has to be been found for them. Look at this!”

The decoration changes. On the screen the interior of a house now appears. The frontage, then the hall, the living room, finally the bedroom. The two women who, one moment ago, pleasured themselves on the sand of the beach are now making love impetuously but on a bed, between two sheets.

One of them rings a small bell which is on the night table. The door opens. A slave (it is recognized by its nudity, its chastity cage and its dog collar.) enters the room. After an order from one of the lesbians; it disappears. It returns carrying a plate. On this plate is a dildo. It respectfully offers it towards its Mistresses. They pick it up and the object immediately finds its use. A gesture of one of the women and the man leaves the bedroom, bearing the empty plate.

The voice of the Princess begins again: “Here is the prime example of system of the use of man in Women-Island!” The film resumes. I see the man entering clutching his empty plate, the woman deposits the dildo then the image stops. On the wall, in front of my eyes, the man accepts the object from the two lesbians, lowers his eyes and prostrates himself before them.

“This image, future slave. Observe it well! It is symbolic your future life!” All the rest of the day, invading all the surfaces of my cell, I am forced to contemplate the photographs of these two women enjoying themselves and of this man respectfully offering their false phallus to them.

From time to time, at regular intervals, the last sentence of the Princess of Women-Island is repeated to me:
“This image, future slave; study it well! It is your future!”

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