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Slave Market

by Eric

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Whimpering in pain, I slid forward onto my hands and knees so the full length of my naked body pressed against the cement floor as I stretched forward to submissively lick the filthy black leather boots of the young, blonde woman. I'd never seen her before but she's just walked across the room and kicked me in the balls. Her spike-heeled boots had 5-inch stilettos that elevated the teenaged dominatrix up onto her toes. Cringing fearfully, I slithered my tongue under her instep submissively, licking the sole of her shoe. With the extra 5 inches from her heels, the young woman stood 5'4" tall but she had a presence much larger than her slight height and slender build would imply. Gasping for breath, I kept my eyes down on the ground subserviently as I polished the soft leather of her footwear with my tongue, praying the irritated teenager would turn her attention to some other slave boy. I prayed silently of course, and allowed my mind to wander for a few moments as I licked her boots clean.

I'm merely a nameless 'cock' -- the generic term used by the women who own us for the male slaves of no particular distinction and those who've never earned names. In particular, I'm now a punishment cock, a male who exists solely for the gratification of the twisted pleasures of sadists. Cocks like me aren't allowed to speak unless specifically granted the privilege by a woman. Naked and dumb, cocks are lower than even domesticated animals. For my entire life, I've served women -- first as a toilet, and then trained as a dog, and then as a horse -- before I was ultimately degraded to being just a worthless punishment cock.

Since the foundation of the New World Order before I was born, all males are raised as slaves to women, raised as beasts and trained to be docile and obedient from birth. There are whispered stories that it wasn't always this way, but I don't believe them. Women are pure and perfect and powerful. Cocks like me are nothing and exist only to serve women. Cock equals slavery.

Males are divided into distinct castes, their classification branded onto their left ass cheek as soon as they learn to walk. Any training a slave receives is dependent on the caste is assigned to him by his Owner. At the top of the slave hierarchy are the pleasure slaves -- pretty boys with big muscles and enormous cocks who are trained in the arts of pleasuring a woman. Discarded pleasure slaves may enter the lower castes, or be tortured to death at the whim of the woman who owns him.

Lower in the caste hierarchy are the male slaves that can learn to perform a useful skill -- chefs, painters, builders, etc. Below them are the largest caste -- the common laborers, field slaves, domesticated cleaning servants, bootlickers and personal attendants. Below them are the slave animals used as oxen to pull heavy loads, as ponyboys to pull the rickshaws used by the ladies, or as dogs trained as pets for the younger girls. Lower still are those slaves treated as inhuman objects: toilet slaves, ashtrays, and furniture of various sorts.

I'm now a member of the lowest caste -- the cocks. My only reason to exist in the New World Order is to suffer because I've male and males deserve to be punished. We represent all that is bad, worthless, and degraded in society. Less than real animals, less even than our fellow slaves, we exist solely to be humiliated, abused, and tortured. Any slave can be degraded to the cock caste, for any reason. Once so designated, the male remains an object of torture for however long his life lasts.

I spent the first seven years of my life as a toilet, used but ignored by a Mistress Black and her daughters, Mistress Stephanie, Mistress Julie, and little Mistress Amber. When I eventually grew too large to live inside their commode, Mistress Black sold me to an animal breeder who retrained me as a dog.

After a year of intense conditioning as a dog, she sold me to an elementary school as a class mascot. I spent six years living in a cage in the back of Mistress Smith's fifth-grade class. The young mistresses all fed and watered me when they remembered, and took me for walks. They trained me to perform all manner of tricks: begging for food, fetching, pulling them around in a cart, barking on command, and other dog behaviors. Of course the girls use their whips and paddles on me, practicing with implements of torture whether I deserved to be punished or not. When I actually deserved punishment, the teacher would beat me severely in front of the children. She also whipped me every evening before she locked me in the cage when she went home for the night.

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