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Request and Response (Excerpt)

by Eric

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Hanging naked with my back pressed against the dungeon wall, I felt the cold stone leeching away what remained of my body heat. Suspended spread-eagled so I wasn't touching the floor and immobilized by the tight wrist cuffs, I suffered alone in total darkness and silence. After I had been shackled, the chains had been tightened to the point where I was completely unable to move. The rough leather cuffs stretched my arms out far enough to almost dislocate my shoulders, making it agonizingly hard for me to breath. The ankle cuffs stretched my legs 5 feet apart, making it almost impossible to relieve the strain in my trembling arms or lessen the incredible agony shooting through my legs. I panted for air, breathing shallowly, which was all the stringent bondage would allow. Tightly gagged with heavy weights stretching my nut sack away from my body, my flesh glistened with sweat and dried blood. The incredible abuse heaped on my body over the last hours echoed through the core of my being. I couldn't help but replay what had happened to me over and over again in my mind while I waited for my Owner to return.

The cold, stone wall against my scarred and bleeding back was rough-hewn, as were the rest of the walls of the ancient dungeon. Lady Julie had turned off the lights when she left, returning to the palatial castle upstairs and leaving me to suffer in complete isolation. I couldn't see the pillory, or the wooden cross or even the bars of the cell I was locked into. Tonight I was the only slave cock chained here in this tiny, dank torture dungeon beneath the Hillshire Province palace of the New World Order, one of dozens of dungeons in the catacombs beneath the estate. More than 300 male slaves worked to serve the needs of the dozen or so young Mistresses who lived here, and the 20 to 30 cruel Ladies visiting at any given time. Even so, I was still confined to this dungeon in seclusion. Lady Julie had abandoned me to suffer alone.

Hillshire Province is a backwater lost in the depths of the countryside, used primarily as the recreational retreat and experimental facility for the nearby Eugenics Center, the largest in-vitro breeding facility for male slave animals in Eastern Europe. The Eugenics Center bred hundreds of thousands of nameless cocks every year -- male slaves bred and trained for absolute submission to the ruling class of the dominant Ladies that controlled and shaped society.

Every year there were fewer males who had ever existed as free animals, and more that have been raised from birth to be slaves. After the first cocks conditioned from birth to be slaves were released to the public, a general extermination of the older males had taken place. For several years, the dominant women had hunted us, herding us into reeducation camps where those that were not quickly trained were destroyed. Weak willed males like me have been given numbers and trained as slaves, eventually distributed throughout the land to serve powerful women.

Yet again, I was being tormented. I'd offended one of the women who ruled this castle so deeply that she singled me out to be tortured unmercifully, although the Code of Cock Behavior allowed what I'd done, almost encouraging my behavior. Sobbing in pain, I distracted myself by trying to figure out which of the many and conflicting rules I'd really broken or how I'd so totally offended Lady Julie.

The NWO had many rules governing the behavior of male animals and violating even the least of them meant several chastisements. Usually, a Mistress administered a harsh beating or the slave was tied to the pillory for an extended whipping, during which the slave was informed of his transgression. Of course, it was possible that I hadn't actually done anything wrong, or that my punishment was merely to please Lady Julie, as she implied. As a slave boy to the NWO dominatrices, I was often tortured just for their amusement. The sadistic women took great pleasure from the brutal torments they inflicted on their worthless property.

When this nightmare began, I was in the Ladies bathroom on the second floor, cleaning the toilets with my tongue. Mistress Justine had set me to this task. She oversaw the daily labor schedules of the working cocks assigned to the castle, coordinating the cleaning staff and rotating us outside for heavier labor. The petite German Mistress had released the four dozen of us naked males from our confinement in the small dog cages out in the yard. We'd spent the four-hour rest period we were allowed confined in the 2x2x3 foot wire sleeping cages. Each male in turn had crawled to the wicked dominatrix when she called our number, kneeling at her feet so she could step on our genitals with her spiked heels. Each submissive cock then cringed down at the feet of the beautiful young woman and licked her boots as best he could in gratitude while she read over her clipboard and assigned him to a work detail or individual task. As was her custom, Mistress Justine then ground her foot down, crushing the trapped penis under the sole of her boot while spitting on the slave boy's face before sending him off to work.

As you may know, palace-owned working slaves were required to labor 20-hour days, with 4 hours of bondage allotted as sleep time. We were fed crusts of bread and allowed sips of water each time a task was completed. Shitting and pissing required begging permission from a Mistress and being walked outside like a dog while receiving a beating for laziness. Of course, males weren't allowed any form of sexual release, unless specifically ordered to perform for one of the Mistresses. Being caught touching a penis, our own or another slave's, was punishable by castration of everyone involved. I hadn't been allowed a sexual release for more than nine years. Being the pathetic maggot that I am, I probably will never again be allowed a sexual release by my Owners. My last sexual release was allowed only to provide blood and sperm for the Eugenics Center, and involved a milking machine and being anally raped with a live cattle prod by a group of female scientists.

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