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Femdom Novel:


Captives of the SS Ladies
by Aline d'Arbrant

To purchase the book, please visit Captives of the SS Ladies

Femdom Novel: Captives of the SS LadiesIn front of the door of the apartment Grete Müller, a dozen prisoners were aligned and closely monitored by two young Germen fully armed. They were unaware that the Direktorin had expected them.

The Direcktorin, not far, talked with Eva Gürschner and from time to time threw some entertaining comments to the ten prisoners.

Finally, they saw the Führerin approaching with her dashing green uniform. She was a beauty. The end of her blond hair drawn to the back and gathered in a nice chignon without flowing hair in the front, overhanging the bright blue eyes gazing proudly and mockingly.

Eva approached them. She put a black blindfold on the eyes of each man and gave the reasons for her gestures: —

The intention of the women's camp is to make love with you all. But she absolutely does not want to see your face. Leave this blindfold on your eyes and let yourself be done. You have nothing to fear!

It was surprising but plausible. They believed Eva. They passed one by one to the apartment of Grete, and assured, climbing up the rungs of the ladder on top of which they are pushed and led, and then attached there without resistance by the gentle fragrant hands of Eva.

Moments later, when they had their blindfolds removed, they found they were locked at the top of a scaffolding. They had been placed back to back, two by two. Their arms had been firmly tied to a horizontal pole whose both ends were fixed in the wall. Their feet were set on a narrow board, also fixed in the walls, finding themselves more than one meter and a half above the ground. Under this shelf, there had been ornaments aligned, placed with an elegant bathtub with gleaming enamel.

A one meter from the ceiling, suspended by ropes in small pulleys, swinging at the approximately the chest of the prisoners were two heavy planks which at the end had countless small daggers with wide bright and sharp blades. The ten men understood that their beautiful Eva had them brought here for a new and cruel execution of the Direktorin.

Grete Müller and Eva Gürschner watched them with a smile. Eva addressed to her superior:

— I will leave them to you, Grete, have fun!

— Stay, please, Eva!

— No, meine liebe. I'm sorry but Anna Richter is sick and I want to stay with her.

— The poor ... Is that serious? asked the Direktorin.

— I don't know. Answered Eva. But she cannot let it prevent your ablution... Do not worry!

— Good! But tomorrow I order you to come to my bath! Agreed?

— Agreed Grete! With great pleasure! I will rub your back and everything else! Salut !

— Hi Kommandoführerin !

They kissed each other lovingly on the mouth, shameless, in front of the prisoners. Eva came out and closed the door behind her.

Grete stayed in front of the ten men who were attached against the wall and gazed on them proudly and haughtily. She smiled and the smile indicated her immense superiority and complete deep contempt to them.

— So, gentlemen, have you understood what you were going to serve? No! Let me explain! Say, for one time, you will be useful to Germany for having the privilege to contribute to conserving the beauty of one of its most beautiful girls. You're not aware that human blood has regeneration functions. Your blood, after which I will empty your veins, will drain in my bathtub, and I will be given youth and eternal beauty! I will wash my body in your blood! Your blood will fall on my skin, fall between my breasts, between my buttocks ... Do you understand now?

The ten men, of course, did not respond, too frightened by what they had just heard. The horrifying words of what this proud and beautiful German said was beyond their understanding. They were silent, completely shocked and terrorized, and placed their eyes on Grete, looking terrorized.

Grete looked at them stilly for a few long minutes. painful minutes. Then she pulled the pins of her blond hair. Her long tuft of hair fell on her shoulders. She postured her head stylishly for her hair to resume a natural fold.

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