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Bobbie and the Research Experiment

by Eric

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Handing her clipboard back to the researcher, I said timidly, "I did the best I could, Professor Parker, but I didn't fully understand all of the questions you asked."

The researcher slipped on a pair of reading glasses and scanned through the three-page questionnaire, humming softly. She smiled, "It looks just fine, Bobbie. I see under 'Reason for Participation' you wrote 'money to pay rent'. You do realize that you're only going to be paid $100 per day for the three-day experiment?"

"Yes ma'am," I stammered, smiling weakly at the middle-aged woman behind the desk. She was wearing a white lab coat over the top of a soft looking turquoise sweater. I shifted nervously from foot to foot, standing in front of the college professor. She leaned back in her comfortable chair, reviewing the in-depth questionnaire about my sexual habits and personal life and making cryptic notations in the margins. As she perused the form I filled out, I blushed and nervously rubbed the back of my neck. She kept glancing up at me and smiling condescendingly as she read the written admissions of my sexual inexperience and proclivities. I was probably one of the few freshmen at the college who was still a virgin. I did my best to hide my little fetish problem.

Professor Parker lingered over the second page where I'd been required to rank my attractions to lists of various objects and pictures in a coded flipbook of photographs. By this point she was snickering and whenever she looked at me she'd shake her head sadly as if I'd just disappointed her again. She made a few more notations on the clipboard as I waited miserably to find out if I'd been accepted as one of her test subjects. I desperately needed the money and this was the only way I had to raise $300 before the end of the month.

To take my mind off my money troubles, I glanced shyly at the psychologist, ignoring the few gray hairs scattered amongst her black, shoulder length mane. I slipped dreamily into remembering meeting her 40 minutes ago. I had following her down the hallway to her office, staring intently at the sway of her bottom under her white lab coat, and the 5-inch stiletto heels on her white pumps. Professor Parker was about my mom's age, but she seemed younger to me because of her trim figure and worldly manner. She would have been several inches taller than I was even without her high-heeled shoes. Of course, I was used to being smaller than most men and women since I was barely 5 feet tall.

Her contralto voice interrupted my vaguely erotic daydream. "Why haven't you listed any emergency contact information, Bobbie?"

"I couldn't, Professor," I confessed, hanging my head. "My mom passed away last year, and she barely knew who my dad was, so it's just me now. I hope that doesn't disqualify me, ma'am? I really need the money."

"No Bobbie," she chuckled. "In fact, I can see from your questionnaire that you're the perfect boy for me to experiment on. I'm examining the dynamic between males and females in relationships where one is clearly the aggressor and the other is more... compliant. I'll be studying your behavior over the next three days as you interact with several of my other test subjects. I just need you to sign this legal and medical waiver and we can get started."

Professor Parker picked up a clipboard containing a five-page, closely written document in small print. She smiled at me warmly as she stood up and walked around her desk to stand close to me and handed me the papers to sign. In her heels, she towered over me like my mom used to, and I cringed slightly, shrinking under the authority of her presence. I could feel her chest brush against my arm through her lab coat, the softness of her breast pressing against me as she leaned forward and pointed at the signature line with one long, manicured fingernail. She breathed, "It's just standard boilerplate to protect the University, Bobbie. Just sign each page at the bottom and date them. There's really no need to waste time reading the documents. Trust me."

I peeked up at her cheerful face and tentatively returned her smile, chewing up my lower lip. The researcher stayed close to me, ignoring the fact that she had her left breast firmly pressed against me as she chuckled, "Go ahead Bobbie. I'm looking forward to working closely with you." I could feel her shift slightly, which made her breast move against me, rubbing my arm with her soft flesh globe. I flushed, praying she didn't notice my cock springing to life, pushing out a little bump against my jeans.

I smiled meekly up at her, and then quickly signed each of the five sheets of paper, scribbling down the date. Chuckling, Professor Parker took the clipboard and gathered up the papers, flipping through them briefly to make sure I'd signed each of them properly. Grabbing a manila folder off the pile, she scrawled 'Bobbie' on the flap and stuck in the legal documents and the questionnaire I'd filled out.

I started to say something but she turned and briskly cut me off. "Come with me, Bobbie, and we'll get started in my lab." She curtly motioned to me to follow, and walked quickly out of her office, locking the door behind me. I trailed behind her as she strode down the hallway, hypnotized again by her swaying ass as I followed her unquestioningly into the elevator.

Professor Parker pushed the button for the second subbasement, using a key to activate the elevator. She chuckled, "I have the entire floor, Bobbie. Sensitive experiments like mine won't stand for being interrupted, so I have the entire level. It's even soundproofed, so some of those ridiculous experiments my colleagues are running don't leak through and disturb us."

I nodded weakly, confused by how rapidly things were moving. I managed to stammer, "But Professor, you're going to use me immediately?"

The researcher laughed, "Of course, Bobbie. I understood you needed the money right away so of course I'm going out of my way to help you, dear boy." She smiled down at me, her 5-inch heels making her almost a foot taller than I was. I dropped my eyes and then quickly looked away as I realized I was staring at her breasts.

I stammered, "Thank you ma'am. I just... I guess you know what's best, ma'am."

As the elevator door opened, the professor chuckled, "Don't worry Bobbie. Just put your self completely in my hands. I'm going to take good care of you while you're my experimental subject. Now follow me and we'll get started."

She led me to a small changing room containing several lockers. There was a small camera mounted in the corner to the right of the door with its red light on. She indicated the locker on the end nearest to us and ordered, "Disrobe now Bobbie, and put everything you're wearing into that locker. When you're ready, go across the hall into the small examination room where I'll be waiting for you."


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