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Femdom Novel:


by Aline d'Arbrant
Translation by number 76

To purchase the book, please visit http://editions.gynarchy.org

Anne and her slaves - photoIn utter abandon they flung themselves onto the bed and writhed together almost violently. They had never been so happy in their life before. A marvellous future opened before them. A future full of love, pleasure, happiness and unconcern. It was Marie-France who this time seized the dildo and masterfully made love to her friend. While thus engaged, the boy entered, carrying a plate of delicate meats.

Seeing the two girls in the beautiful medium of their erotic frolic, he knelt motionless at the foot of the bed with lowered head and offered the plate.

When the girls had finished, Marie-France gazed upon the slave and gave a mocking laugh. “Ah! You have a spiteful air, my poor Jean-Claude! Why didn’t I have the idea to make you a slave before Anne your present Mistress? You would have then been useful to me and I would be your Mistress today!”

“But you are his Mistress, Marie-France!” said Anne.” all that is mine is also yours!”

“You hear that slave?” shouted Marie-France ”You have two Mistresses now! I thank you Anne but I would have been more proud if I had enslaved it myself.”

“Well, what prevents you from enslaving another?”

“But whom?” queried the blonde “One does not find wrecks like him around every corner.”

“Nonsense! All men are the same. How about that little Marc who followed you around like a puppy dog?”

“Marc!…Yes! After all why not?”

“You only have to invite him to stay here for a few days!” proposed Anne, inspired by the saphic and dominating transformation of her friend. “I will help you train it; you will see!”

“Ah no! I want to make it my slave but I want to achieve it alone as you did!”

“If you want darling, I will let it be so!”

Marie-France now fired with enthusiasm, embraced her friend. “I will seek him out tomorrow!” She turned to the kneeling slave. “Why do you wait to serve us!” she demanded. “Must I slap you?”

With that she delivered a stinging blow to the face of the slave.

It’s only reaction was to offer the plate toward them.

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