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Sadistic Women? That's Impossible.  They Don't Exist
Sadistic women don't exist

by Sam Slav

It's my personal opinion that sadistic women don't exist.  Women are the more sexually conservative and empathic, not the more panting and sadistic, sex.  They do not abuse males because they are attracted to males.  They have a compassionate mind and it would be impossible for them to physically torture males or make fun of them, as they do not enjoy physically torturing them.  Women are mostly victims of violence and torture, and they on average are physically weaker than men.  Last, I personally have never met a sadistic woman who enjoys torturing me.  (If you had the experience or you think you are a sadistic woman, let me know by contacting us.)

Recently, I have read articles on this website as well as mainstream articles about women soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. To me, those are absurd... and those are impossible to happen.  It must have been a mistake, a mistake made by the Bush Administration or the enemies against the Bush Administration.  By nature, women are sexually more conservative than men, and they do not wish to expose their body to unknown people.  They are empathic as they enjoy helping others and playing a major role at against violence, torture, or war.  They enjoy helping the poor and they certainly would not abuse the disadvantaged.  They are nurturers, carers, protectors and they do not inflict pains.

Women would not abuse males for their pleasure.  They are attracted to males... they tend to treat men better than women.  How could they torture males?

Women are physically weaker than men... and by comparison, men have advantages competing against women.  When men compete with women, men always win, at least for physical competitions (not high school or college exam scores).  Therefore, how could a man be physically abused by a woman?  That's just impossible.  I would believe that women are the victims... not the abusers, and that men are the abusers... not victims of women.

I have never met a unknown woman that intentionally abuses me physically... so, where are the "sadistic women"?  If I see one, I would believe that they exist.  However, I have not seen one single "sadistic woman".  If you are one or you had the experience of a sadistic woman enjoying torturing you, please contact me and let me know, and then I will change my opinion!.


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