Feedbacks from Readers and My Reply
Regarding "Sadistic Women Don't Exist" Article

Several readers contacted us and commented on my article... a few readers forwarded replies from certain forums of which I will comment them here.  The last comment changes my opinion.

One comment from a woman states that

Women are gentle souls. We love cooking and making things pretty.
We love soft soothing sounds and soft things in general. We love pink and lavender as a rule. We love babies. We love to give birth period. nods
We also love nurturing things. We love to make things happy. Oh and shiny. nods.
Women can never ever be sadistic.

My Reply:

I agree.

One comment in a forum states that

Well, TG for the internet! In the past 10 years I've made friends with some very very cruel women, women that wanted to help me fullfill some of my "sick" desires....hehehehe

If a woman is a victim of violence by a man, the it more or less paves to way for her to try to get revenge under the right circumstancs, I believe it's called human nature!,,,,,at least that's my expereince

My Reply:

There is no way to verify the person's real experience... nor to verify if the women were really cruel.  The reply is also vague and does not contain details.

For the second part, it's called revenge, and does not belong to what we were discussing, "sadistic by nature."

One comment in a forum states that

out of Women in the hopes that the article will make Someone angry enough to beat the shit out of him. It is a pathetic attempt and that is not the way to go about meeting a real Sadist.

My Reply:

There is no real Sadist. And this comment is not relevant to the topic.

One comment in a forum states that

I know several true sadistic woman who love to inflict serious pain, one being my Wife/Mistress.

My Reply:

Again, there is no way to verify the information above, as the description is vague and contain no details.

One comment in a forum states that

Really its very simple: It is all statistics. In order for ANYONE be a true sadist he/she requires one of 2 things:

1) Testosterone. Only produced with "Y" chromosome = male ( no women unless it is an East German olympic swim team
2) Conditioning,faith in something and/or greed.

So for a woman to be true sadist ( unless she carries "Y" chromosome) she must have some or all of 2). Therefore these exist but only as a rarity.Here are just two: ( just Google them):

Elizabeth Bathory ( conditioning)
Mare of Majdanek ( faith in Nazi cause)

The rest of them were just "helping their men" thus they do not qualify...and there you have it.

My reply:

I agree with the theory... however, the examples of Elizabeth Bathory and Mare of Majdanek indicate that they had reasons or faith to abuse certain people, and it could be a mistake made by the press... just like the news article of female soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners.  It still does not disapprove my theory.

One comment from a forum states that

The writer of that article is, I think, the webmaster of that site. In fact, if you read the rest of the articles on the site that he has put together, you might draw the same conclusion I did: he doesn't understand the concept of femdom at all, and his experience (if any) is limited to experiences with a very few "professionals" AND they happen to be those who don't really enjoy it and only do it to make money.

....he needs a good spanking....

My reply:

What a humorous response!  I like it.  But it still does not disapprove my theory.

One comment forwarded to me by the webmaster of this website states

there were 2 college girils i knew in St Pete who, once they got me
drunk, decided to carve their names into me with their knives. they said
they liked doing it because they loved hearing me scream, even with the
gag in my mouth.

then there was the sadist who whipped me with a telephone cord until my
back and ass were bleeding.

then there was another time that a really gorgeous woman seduced me
into going to a club with her. we hung out all night, but when i got back
to her place, she tied me up, slapped me, cut my hair (not in a nice
way) and then waxed all the hair off of my chest.

then there are the three brands i have on my back from one woman.

i could go on and on and on. being a sadist has nothing to do with
physical strength.

are you just having a laugh?

My reply:

Very interesting experience that you had.  Your story may disapprove my theory... if they are true.  However, the two college girls were just having fun... and it's perfectly legal for them to have fun... and there is nothing wrong about it.  I think they are nice girls who would like to do crazy things... it would be nice if you continue to hang out with them and then find out if they continue enjoy doing such activities and enjoy playing and inflicting pains on you.  Please find that out, and let the webmaster of this website know.  He will forward the answers to me as I wish not to disclose my contact information.

Same thing for the other sadists you described... you have to be with them at least 2 years to disapprove my theory.  They have to be consistently happy at what they are doing... please get back to me and give me any updates... because your stories might disapprove my theory.

No, I am not having laugh.  I am curious about your experiences... did you meet them by chance or were you purposely looking for sadistic women?

One comment states that

Here's my take on this subject......and I don't speak as an authority on the subject.....just my opinion.
With regard to being sadistic, women fall into 4 catagories; true sadist, sexually playful, tolerant, and intolerant.

1) Truely sadistic women (or men for that matter) may have deep rooted psycological issues. They would enjoy seeing people ruined, either financially, personaly, or otherwise. They may find pleasure in causing real damage to someone ie; mutilation, death, etc. I don't think anyone would enjoy having one of these people have their way with them.

2)Sexually playful women may enjoy experimenting with different sexual activities. They may get some enjoyment from BDSM activites. They may enjoy the power they have over make their partner satisfy them sexually, while they tease, torment, and torture them. In the end, both are getting something out of it.

3)Tolerant women really get nothing out of a BDSM relationship. They either participate in BDSM activities because their partner wants them to or there is a trade off.....I'll do this stuff once in a while if you do the stuff I like. They get something out of it other than actual enjoyment from the activities. I think a large portion of proffesional Doms fall into this catagory.

4)Intolerant women get no enjoyment from FEM DOM relationships. They find anything related to it perverse and disgusting and will not play around with it at all. I think a large portion of women fall into this catagory.

My Reply:

Nice categories... but does not disapprove my theory.

One comment states

What a loads of bullshit. I have known MANY sadistic women. By the way, there are no black racists, either, right?

My Reply:

Nice sarcastic reply, I like it..  However, your answer is vague and does not contain details.

One comment states

I can say, from personal experience, some of the most sadistic people I've ever known have been women. I have gone out with girls who have shocked me at how much pleasure they got from the pain and suffering of others, loved inflicting pain, loved even the thought of inflicting it, loved watching movies or reading about torture, and got hot inventing scenarios where they could be sadistic. They exist. Trust me.

My Reply:

Interesting.  I would like to learn more about your experiences, please contact me.

One comment states

I'm not a worldly "know it all" but I also didn't spent my entire life is east po-dunk either. I'm 44 and have lived all over the U.S. My opinion, based on MY experiences is that the women I've known or encountered have fit into the catagories I mentioned. I wish it were otherwise, for my sake but, for me, that's what I've experienced. I'm sure there are lots of sadistic women in the world, like you said. Now take 1000 women from, let's say, Pittsburgh, Berlin, Norway, Bejing, Houston, Boston, Ireland, wherever..... and see what catagories they fall into. I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts most (maybe 80%)fit into the last catagory. Maybe 5% fit into the most desirible catagory 2 and a very small pecent (hopefully VERY small) fit into catagory 1.
I think it is a good idea if some of the women here give their opinion.

My reply:

Interesting suggestion and analysis.  I would like to discuss more with you.

One comment changes my opinion:

But speaking as a Sadist Myslef, I can tell you a few things that are true about Me.

1. I was never abused by men, and in fact, I was quite the Daddy's little girl
2. My interest in inflicting pain and torture on Myself and others started when I was about 5 that I can remember. It did not come fron a place of anger but from a place of curiousity and had no ill will to it. In fact, I was most interested in torturing people that i loved and admired.
3. My sadistic tendencies have no motivation in "fullfilling anyone's fantasies" other then My own. I have little or no interest in what the slave desires during play and would prefer to know as little about them as possible.
4. I have had, at times in my life fantasied about stabbing, cutting and killing that I found very arrousing and often masturbated to very grapahic horror movies in those days and the only thing that stopped Me at that time was My desire not to be incarcerated.

I think that sums it up.

My reply:

There are sadistic women.  I was wrong.


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