Emails Received Regarding "Sadistic Women Don't Exist" Article and My Reply


<< Therefore, how could a man be physically abused by a woman?>>

-You could slip a drug into the man's drink and then torture him.

-A woman could get her other male friends to help her with the attack.
They would help her subdue him, but she would do the abuse.

-There are some HUGE muscular woman out there, actually. Ever seen
those female muscle pagent things? Some of those women can EASILY overpower
a smaller, out of shape man.

~Are you that stupid?

My Reply:

Your email address is incorrect and my reply to you was bounced back.  I think very few, very few women would do things as you described.  Those may be the fantasies of many visitors of this website.  They think sadistic women are sexy and erotic.  We are trying to find out why they think this way.


In response to this article by Sam Slav.

Google or wiki Elizabeth Báthory or Darya Saltykova. (actually reading
your stuff some one mentioned Bathory, but let's be frank faith played
very little in it and all the crimes were sexual in nature. Darya
didn't have faith as an alibi at all, she just knew her serfs had no power
to oppose her and enjoyed raping, torturing, and killing). Granted,
these are examples of women being violent to other women, the point still

However speaking as a woman with a very slight sadistic streak, I think
saying that only men are capable of something or only women are
capable of other emotions is kinda sexist. Women might lean more to passive
and men more to assertive (after all, far more men are sexual deviants
than women, and far more women are victims than men) but that varies
from individual to individual, and every one regardless of gender, race,
age, religion, and nationality is an individual and to in anyway say
they are all, as a group, incapable of something (even if it's meant as a
positive comment) and to a small extent I even find it offensive (I am
not trying to be hostile in saying that, I apologize if I come across
that way. In all earnest I actually loath political correctness, but
it's the point). To me, saying women are incapable of sadism or dominance
is like saying Africans are incapable of genocide. And if you believe
that look up Idi Amin or Shaka Zulu.

You said that men always beat women physically... but also said on
average that men are bigger than women (which is true). So I won't make
some inane comparison of me to your typical man as I am hardly average
(six feet, two inches, I'll let you draw your own conclusions).

This may also be drawn into biology (forgive me if I go over your
head). Where chromosomes are concerned XX = Woman, and XY = Man. However there are many other combinations as well. One in one thousand people are born XXY. An extra chromosome in their genetic make up. In men this
usually makes them more feminine, in women it makes them more masculine.
One might be able to argue it as a source of homosexuality or
personality traits typically attributed to one gender being strongly present in
another. There are even more combinations than that (which should
explain hermaphrodites to you if you were ever curious. =P ). Ergo it would
go to say that a woman with XXY would show case more male attributes.
Even if your theory holds water where XXs are concerned even you have to
see the point there.

Sorry if I seem domineering (heh. In a way, by apologizing and
asserting politeness as much as I have I might be proving your point. But I
digress). That's my take on the story, and I think it's a fair one.

Most women aren't sadists. Most PEOPLE aren't sadists. But there are
always the odd ducks, yes?

My Reply:

I totally agree.  (Now, I totally agree with the above)

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