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My First Experience
by Phillip Bailey" <>

I am a 45 year old professional man, non smoker, medium build and very
clean and healthy who has had a strong interest in female domination
ever since suffering the embarrassment and pain of having my bottom
soundly spanked as a seventeen year old. The memory of which has
stayed with me quite vividly since then.

My parents ran a small country hotel and employed a lady to help in
the busy summer months. I had recently finished school after taking my
exams and had the holidays ahead of me. Mrs Hughes was quite a buxom
lady and would have been in her late forties I guess, and helped with
the meals and cleaning etc. She was a very capable lady and always got
things done. She had occasionally rebuked me when I had not put things
away in the kitchen or perhaps left the bathroom untidy but I never
really took too much notice of her. I was more interested in messing
about with my old motorbike than anything else. That is until one day
when the hotel was busier than usual, she had told me off for not
helping more and I had made a cheeky remark back to her. She turned on
me and gave me a thorough dressing down and then with a very firm look
told me that a good spanking would teach me some manners and for me
not to think I was too old to be put across her knee. I tried to laugh
it off but I could see by the look on her face that she wasn't joking.
A resident then came into the lounge and she held my eye for a few
seconds before raising her eyebrows at me briefly and then returned to
her work leaving me to ponder her words. Her warning played on my mind
for the rest of the day and I found the thought of her spanking me for
some reason strangely exciting. Nothing more was said and after a few
days it went out of my mind.

That was not the case with Mrs Hughes however, as the following week,
when both my parents had gone out shopping together and the last
resident had left for the day, she called me upstairs. I could tell by
the sound of her voice that she wasn't very happy and as I climbed the
stairs she was stood on the landing outside the bathroom. She told me
to come into the bathroom and I realized then that I must have left
the bathroom untidy after showering a little earlier. As I walked past
her into the bathroom she gave my bottom a hard slap. I was too taken
aback to argue as she pointed out to me the mess I had left after
showering, and after she had already cleaned the bathroom for the day.
In a tone of voice that brooked no argument she continued to scold me,
reiterating all the things she had told me off about previously. My
subdued manner didn't help me and must have made her control over me
more certain. My anxiety grew as I stood before her quietly, looking
down at the wet towels and underwear I had left strewn about the
bathroom floor. She asked me what I had to say for myself but I didn't
know what to say. I just felt then that she was going to carry out her
earlier threat to spank me and for some odd reason I just seemed to
accept it as inevitable. Saying nothing more, she took hold of my
wrist and led me unresisting down the landing to my bedroom. Closing
the door behind her she told me that I had had my warning and
obviously hadn't taken her seriously. She then told me to take off my
shoes. When I asked what for, she told me to do as I was told, and not
to make matters worse for myself. As I sat down on my bed and took my
shoes off under her watchful eye, she told me that as I did not heed
her earlier warning to me I was now going to suffer the consequences.
She was going to deal with me in a way that I would not forget in a
hurry. Placing my desk chair in the middle of the room she sat down
and made me stand in front of her. She then told me to put my hands on
my head, to make me aware that if I behaved like a naughty little boy
then she would treat me as such. She was very much in control and
spoke to me firmly as though I was much younger. I had a vision of me
being reprimanded by a form teacher in Junior school for pulling a
girls hair. I could feel my heart beating loudly as I stood there
nervously and was already regretting being cheeky to her and for not
tidying up after I had showered.

Telling me that this is something she should have done weeks ago she
reached out and undid my belt, slapping my hand away as I feebly tried
to hold on to my trousers. Telling me firmly to put my hands back on
my head she unfastened my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles
and then reached out under my Tee-shirt and peeled my underpants down
to my knees.

It all happened so quickly that I felt myself going red in the face as
I stood nervous and embarrassed before her, bare from the waist down,
my Tee-shirt not even protecting my modesty. I didn't know exactly
what she was going to do to me but I never really thought that she
would take my trousers down, let alone my underpants. I instinctively
went to cover myself up but Mrs Hughes smacked the side of my bottom
and told me that she would bend me over my desk and cane me if I moved
my hands from my head again. I quickly put my hands back on top of my
head and felt very embarrassed as I stood before her whilst she looked
me up and down. My embarrassment was made worse by the fact that I
couldn't control my growing erection that was starting to appear below
my Tee-shirt.

Mrs Hughes then told me to get across her knee, and half pulling me
over her lap, she pushed my Tee shirt up my back. Telling me to lift
up my bottom she positioned me more suitably over her lap. I can
remember feeling very flushed as I lay across her lap with my hands on
the floor, I could feel the cool air on my bare bottom and was aware
of my penis now pressing down into her lap. I wanted her to get it
over with quickly before anyone came back, as I was sure by now it
would have made little difference to Mrs Hughes whether or not anyone
did come back, the mood she was in. But Mrs Hughes was in no rush and
scolded me as though I was a naughty little boy whilst rubbing her
hand lightly over my bottom, obviously anticipating the spanking she
was about give me.

She then started to smack my bottom, her hand landing methodically on
alternate cheeks. It didn't seem too bad at first and I felt somewhat
relieved that I would be able to take my punishment fairly comfortably
as it was years before that I had last received a spanking. But once
my bottom had warmed up she gradually increased the pace and it soon
began to sting, causing me to gasp out. My bottom seemed to bounce up
and down in rhythm with her hand and I was very relieved that there
was no-one in the hotel to hear me being punished as the sound of her
spanking me resounded loudly around my bedroom. I was very grateful
for the respite when she paused to feel and knead my cheeks and
comment on the redness of my bottom. As she continued to spank me she
told me how ashamed I should be, seventeen years old and having to
have my trousers taken down and my bottom smacked for being naughty.

She also varied the pace of my spanking, slowing down and smacking me
harder on both cheeks and then full across my bottom, pausing between
each smack to let the pain sink in, and then speeding up, spanking me
with a flurry of lighter slaps which left no part of my bottom
untouched. Very soon I was wriggling around on her lap in a vain
attempt to avoid her hand but she sternly told me to keep still or she
would find something other than her hand to spank me with. By now my
bottom felt very sore and I couldn't help kicking my legs out and
asking her to stop. Her response was to grip me tighter around my
waist and spank me harder with a flurry of smacks, warning me that she
wouldn't tell me again to lie still. After that I just lay
submissively across her lap whilst she slapped every part of my bottom
thoroughly, which by now was so sore that I was sure it must have
started to go a bit numb as only the harder slaps were getting through
to me. She must have spanked me for a good 10-15 mins although it felt
much longer before she told me that I could get up off her knee. I can
remember gritting my teeth and clutching my very sore bottom, devoid
off all modesty as my still partially erect penis bobbed up and down.
Mrs Hughes just stood there, arms folded across her chest, with a very
satisfied look on her face.

My ordeal wasn't quite over because she told me to stand facing the
wall with my hands on my head and not to move until she had finished
the bedrooms. Then giving my bottom a further slap she left the room
leaving the door open wide so that she could keep her eye on me. It
would serve me right if any guests came back and saw me stood there
like that she said, I would have some explaining to do !

When I heard her working in a bedroom further down the landing I
quietly walked over to my wardrobe and looked at my reflection in my
mirror. My bottom was a vivid red all over and looked as sore as it
felt, but I quickly returned to my position when I heard her footsteps
approaching. She went by my room several times before coming in and
giving me a wry smile as I clenched my buttocks in anticipation of her
smacking me. But she just felt my bottom and asked if I was going to
be a good boy for her from now on, then when I relaxed she smacked
both cheeks hard causing me to jerk towards the wall.

She told me that I was very fortunate that no-one else had been around
to witness me being punished and if I didn't want it to be known that
I had had my bottom smacked by her then I had better be on my best
behaviour from now on because she would be watching me very carefully
and would not be so lenient with me next time. She said she had an old
leather paddle at home that was just made for dealing with naughty
boys like me, and I would be a very sorry boy indeed if I was ever
cheeky to her again. With that she told me to get dressed and then
went downstairs.

I looked at myself in the mirror again and saw that my bottom was
still very red and hot, the heat had spread to my loins and my penis
was still fairly stiff. I couldn't resist slowly masturbating in front
of the mirror as I rubbed my bottom with my other hand and thought
about what had actually happened to me in this room, only minutes
earlier. I only wished it was Mrs Hughes masturbating me to help take
my mind off my sore bottom. But I dared not to think of the
consequences if I had suggested it to her and she had not been
receptive to the idea, or for that matter, if she could see me now,
masturbating in front of the mirror.

I had visions of myself bent across the desk with my trousers down and
Mrs Hughes spanking my bare bottom with her leather paddle whilst one
or two of her lady friends looked on in fascination, eagerly wanting
to spank me as well. I fantasised about her spanking me whilst she was
dressed in a very revealing costume showing off her cleavage and
bottom, of which she had loosened the top to allow me to bury my face
in her breasts after punishing me. Then massaging my hot bottom as I
lay on her bed and teasing me by lifting up her skirt and rubbing her
own cool white bottom against me. The thought made me grip my penis
tighter and masturbate faster until I ejaculated. After cleaning
myself up and getting dressed I was too embarrassed to go downstairs
and face Mrs Hughes but I eventually sauntered down about half an hour
later when I heard my parents return from shopping. I was worried that
Mrs Hughes may not have kept the incident to herself but apart from
giving me a knowing look she carried on as though nothing had
happened. Though just before she left to go home she took me to one
side in the dining room. She made it very clear to me that if I was
ever cheeky to her again or I didn't mend my ways and stop making
extra work for her then she would paddle my bottom so hard that I
wouldn't sit down for a week. When I nodded my agreement to her she
told me firmly not to nod my head at her and made me repeat "Yes, Mrs
Hughes" to her. Making sure I understood her completely she left me to
ponder her words. For several days after I felt that Mrs Hughes
watched my every move and I was careful to be very respectful to her
and to make sure I didn't make any work for her, even to the point
that my mother noticed my consideration towards Mrs Hughes.
Unfortunately my good behaviour only lasted a few weeks as far as Mrs
Hughes was concerned and I did receive another spanking from her.
Looking back I realize that I wasn't helpful for very long and
probably provoked her into spanking me again. This time she told me to
call by her home on Friday afternoon after she'd finished work for the
day. I tried to get out of it by telling her I had arranged to meet
some friends then but she just ignored that and told me that she would
expect me at 4 pm and don't be late! I dared not risk not going as I
wasn't certain she wouldn't tell anybody else about my earlier
punishment and she knew I would never have wanted anyone else to know
that she had spanked me so she always had that hold over me. It was
with some trepidation that I went to her small bungalow a few miles
away later that day.

It was mainly that second spanking that gave me my present interest in
female domination because although it was even more painful and was
certainly more humiliating, it was also rather different from my first
spanking. That was probably because I was in her domain and it was a
lot more private, with very little chance of someone calling

When she opened the door I was surprised to see that she was wearing a
quite a low cut dress and I had difficulty in preventing my gaze
dropping down to her cleavage. As soon as she let me and had closed
the front door she adopted the same authoritative manner with me as
before and my attention was drawn back to her firm manner and my
current situation. She told me that she was disappointed to see that I
was slipping back to my old ways and that my previous spanking had
obviously not been effective enough. Then telling me that sterner
measures were called for she took hold of my wrist and led me through
to her sitting room which looked onto the back garden. There was an
ominous silence as she pulled out an upright chair from under the
table and turned it around to face the centre of the room. Telling me
to remove my shoes she then made me stand by the chair with my hands
on my head whilst she stood before me and looked at me squarely in the
face. I felt so apprehensive and embarrassed standing there before her
that I couldn't look her in the eye but only down at the floor. She
told me how disappointed she was with me that I had not learnt very
much from my earlier spanking. She was making me feel very nervous by
now as I realized that she was likely to punish me more severely than

She told me that she had dusted off the leather paddle she had brought
down from the attic and had also polished the back of her wooden
hairbrush. This she thought may come in useful for putting a nice
shine on my bottom. She didn't think I would be so quick to misbehave
again by the time she had finished with me today, young man. With that
she told me to make sure I kept my hands firmly on my head until she
told me otherwise. Mrs Hughes then undid my belt and unzipped my
trousers before pulling them down. She then unbuttoned my shirt
completely and then made me take them both right off and fold them up
neatly on the settee before returning to stand in front of her by the
chair. Then bending down at the knees she reached out under my vest
and running her fingers around the waistband peeled my underpants down
to my knees, releasing my penis which very nearly brushed against her
face. As she bent down before me my attention was drawn back again to
her prominent bust exposed to me. I couldn't control my penis that was
starting to twitch and erect slightly and when Mrs Hughes stood up she
caught my gaze on her breasts before I could avert my eyes.
Reprimanding me that it was rude to stare she sat down on the chair
and made me stand by her side as she tucked up my vest to fully expose
myself to her. I was very glad that she had net curtains up at her
windows as I stood by her side, virtually nude with my underpants
around my knees and my hands on my head feeling my face reddening.

I was also aware that she looked at me more openly as I stood before
her. She questioned me about the erection I had had when she had
spanked me previously and was now starting to appear again. I didn't
know what to say, so I just stood there embarrassed. She then got hold
of my penis, which caused it to become more erect, and asked me how
often I got erections and masturbated. Still saying nothing she
slapped my bottom and told me to answer her. I muttered something like
not very often, whereupon she eased back my foreskin and ran her
fingers down my penis and over my testicles before easing my foreskin
back, and then squeezing my penis lightly in her hand she told me not
to lie to her. I was already going to get a good spanking, so do not
make matters any worse for yourself by lying to me, she said. Mrs
Hughes then patted her lap and told me to bend over her knee. Pushing
my vest further up my back she positioned me more suitably over her
lap. I felt her hand rub my bottom and she told me to open my legs
apart more as she put her hand between my legs and ran her fingers
over my testicles.

I involuntary lifted my bottom up more as her hand slid further down
to grasp my penis, which stiffened considerably, as she fondled it. I
couldn't help but respond to her touch by rotating my hips on her lap.
Mrs Hughes then withdrew her hand and gave my bottom a firm slap
telling me to keep still. She then started to smack my bottom and as
she gave me a thorough hand spanking she often paused to ask me more
questions. Some were about any previous punishments I had received, at
home or at school, but she also asked me some very personal questions
about girlfriends etc. and what we had got up to, often smacking my
bottom harder if she wasn't happy with my answers. She even got me to
admit to masturbating just after she had spanked me before, a fact
that she seemed to find very interesting.

I must have been across her knee for about 10 minutes, although again
it seemed much longer, and I knew better than to struggle from my
earlier spanking. Although I found it difficult not to as her hand
landed with rather painful repetition all over my bottom and tops of
my legs. My bottom was stinging when she allowed me to get up and as I
rubbed my bottom vigorously. As I stood before her I noticed her
breasts were heaving slightly with her effort. Mrs Hughes chose to
ignore my gaze and told me to go and bend over the table and stretch
out and hold the sides. I did as I was told but she made me spread my
legs apart and told me to push my bottom out further. Telling me not
to move she left me whilst she made herself a cup of tea and came back
into the room with her tea and the leather paddle she had told me
about. Mrs Hughes then lay the paddle on the table in front of my face
and then sat down on the settee behind me whilst she drank her tea and
questioned me. I found that to be very humiliating as my body was very
exposed, not to mention nerve-wracking, as I looked at the paddle
which was so close that I could clearly smell the leather. I knew that
it would shortly be in her hand and making my bottom sting Mrs Hughes
continued to question me as she finished her tea, invariably answering
the questions herself almost as if she was working up to my
punishment. She took her cup back into the kitchen slapping my bottom
lightly as she went past. Then returned and picking up the paddle from
the table walked behind me. I tensed and clenched my buttocks but she
just ridiculed me for being such a baby. She patted my bottom and
blatantly ran her hand around the side of my bottom and fondled me
causing my penis to stiffen immediately. Telling me that I was a very
naughty boy to get an erection like that in front of her she smacked
the paddle down lightly across my bottom whilst she held my penis
firmly in her other hand causing me to jerk forward slightly. Mrs
Hughes seemed to find this quite amusing and continued to spank me
with the paddle for a minute or so whilst holding onto my penis. This
had the effect of her masturbating me with every spank. She then tired
of this and stood up behind me and continued to spank me with the
paddle, lightly at first as though teasing me and then with increasing
intensity until I found it difficult to lie still despite her warnings
to me. My legs kicked out and I kept twisting my bottom to avoid the
paddle but she just held her hand down on the small of my back and
sternly told me to keep still whilst she continued to spank me with
the paddle. She did occasionally stop to feel my bottom and assess the
soreness, and told me that she was glad to see that she was getting
through to me. She had the knack of hitting me just hard enough to
sting without causing me to cry out unduly, often stopping for several
long pauses which made me relax a little and think my punishment was

It was a lot more painful than previously and my bottom was stinging
badly when she eventually stopped. Feeling my bottom and commenting on
how hot it was she told me to open my legs wide apart and push out my
bottom and remain like that. She then placed the paddle down on the
table in front of my face again and then sitting down on the settee
again she told me that she was going to finish off a letter she was
writing to her friend. She asked me if she should tell her friend
about my spankings and perhaps she should also tell her that I am,
whilst she's writing this very letter, bent across her dining table,
virtually naked in front of her, and displaying a rather sore red
bottom for being such a very naughty boy.

I had to stay in that position for about 10 minutes until she finished
writing, but she didn't tell me what she had actually written to her
friend. Then she stood up and came over to me and brushing her fingers
over my bottom and then my penis she again admonished me for still
having an erection. Asking me why I couldn't control myself she
thought that perhaps I hadn't been punished enough. I quickly replied
that I had but she told me not to argue with her and that she would be
the judge of that. Then taking hold of my wrist she told me to come
with her, and led me through to her bedroom telling me to stand by the
end of her bed with my hands on my head. She then picked up a flat
wooden oval-shaped hairbrush from her dressing table and smiled at me
as she slapped it lightly against her hand. Telling me that this was
just the thing to round off my punishment she turned the brush over in
her hand and brushed the soft bristles over my penis and underneath my
testicles. Smiling at me as she brushed my pubic hair, my penis became
fully erect as she continued to run the brush over me. I lowered my
hands to my penis but Mrs Hughes told me sharply to put them back on
my head. She then placed her pillows in the middle of the bed and told
me to lie over them and to push out my bottom saying that this will
take your mind off other things. She then spanked my already tender
bottom briskly with the hairbrush whilst scolding me for being so
naughty and also gazing at her breasts. This was more painful than
even the paddle and I was crying out and twisting my bottom almost as
soon as she had started to spank me. She held her hand in the small of
my back and continued to spank my bottom until I could take no more
and had to beg her to stop. Satisfied that I had been well and truly
punished she let me get up and I literally hopped around her bedroom
holding my very sore bottom.

She briefly left the room and returned with the bottle of baby lotion
and a large bath towel saying this will cool me off. Laying the towel
on the floor in front of her she sat down on the bed. I sensed her
mood had changed and her voice softened as she made me kneel down on
the towel before her. I was taken by surprise when she told me to
unfasten her dress at the front, and as I did so I was aware of the
swell of her breasts against my hands, restrained by her bra. She then
guided my hands to the clasp at the front of her bra and told me to
unfasten it saying that as I had been so fascinated by her breasts
then I should satisfy my curiosity properly. As her breasts spilled
out she pulled my face into her bosom and told me to suckle her
breasts. I caressed and sucked her breasts lightly and could feel her
nipples hardening as she responded to my touch. Mrs Hughes then
grasped my penis and poured a liberal amount of baby lotion into her
hand. Massaging the lotion over my penis with both hands she gently
eased my foreskin back and forth over the tip of my penis causing it
to become fully erect, and then slowly masturbated me as I became
engrossed in suckling on her breasts. She paused occasionally to run a
hand around my back and massage the lotion between my bottom cheeks,
probing my bottom with her slippery fingers. As I responded to her
touch all thoughts of my sore bottom disappeared as the pleasurable
sensations took over. Sensing that I was about to climax she slapped
my bottom briskly as I came in spasms.

When I returned to my senses I was at a loss for words but Mrs Hughes
just told me to go through to the bathroom and clean myself up. I felt
quite awkward and rather ashamed of myself when I went back into her
living room. Mrs Hughes was tidying up and told me to get dressed and
then sit down and smiled at me as she passed me a soft cushion to sit
on saying that I will probably need this. She then went into the
kitchen and came back with some tea and biscuits.

She told me not to worry about what had happened and that it would
just be between the two of us. She told me that I had really needed my
bottom smacking and it had given her a great deal of satisfaction in
doing so. She only wished that more boys and girls were disciplined
that way, they would be if it was down to her. She hoped it would
serve as a reminder for me to behave myself and to respect older
people. She hadn't intended things to go so far but she thought it had
done us both some good. She had certainly enjoyed spanking me and told
me that she had thought I had needed pulling down a peg or two when
she had first started working at the hotel. We then talked about my
forthcoming start at college and she smiled at me as she told me that
I would know what I could expect if she were my Tutor and my work
wasn't up to scratch. Finishing our tea she said she had better get on
with her own work, as I left she told me that she hoped she wouldn't
have to spank me again and we both smiled. I left for college shortly
after that and Mrs Hughes left at the end of the season to get full
time employment in a larger hotel. Though I did bump into her about 18
months later when I was in town with my girlfriend and she did ask if
I was behaving myself.

I still think of that experience as being the most memorable and often
wondered who else 'suffered' under her hands. If any mature assertive
ladies read this and would like to contact me I would be happy to
correspond or meet. Phillip

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