Secret Fetishes and Fantasies of  Submissive Male in Los Angeles

  • Being teased and aroused, but denied with any form of release
  • Being seduced, but then constantly denied any pleasure through beatings, kickings, or other physical punishments (i.e. seduced to reach the crotch area of a woman, or other parts, but received kicks or slaps when about to reach it)
  • Being stepped on cock and trampled
  • Being used as a human punch bag, and being kicked, slapped, and spat upon
  • Fetish in boots and sneakers
  • being kicked by two women on the side, as if kicking a soccer
  • cuckold humiliation
  • golden shower humiliation


  • To receive reward (such as licking pussy) when i am able to kiss the bottom of a woman's boot... but then receives constant kicks and beatings so that i am unable to kiss it
  • A fighting game (with rewards such as sex, or release) in which my both hands are tied behind my back.... the woman can use whatever she wishes (because men are supposed to be strong, and be able to win the fighting game even if both hands are tied behind the back)

Please Contact Us if you would like to rent a submissive male slave in Los Angeles. Please note that these services are provided for ladies only.


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