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Female Superiority Teasing and Denial Audios from Ms Ally - (also at ) offers phone humiliation services, etc.

Verbal Humiliation - by two beautiful and sexy women.  Excellent phone humiliation site.

Wimper4WK Teasing and Denial Mindfuck - a good site to visit

Captured by Carmen! - Beautiful and sexy... Carmen captures you! Creative, compelling fantasies via phone or text messages, also features erotic hypnosis.

Teasing and Denial Phone and Online Sessions - phone humiliation and online sessions focusing on tease and denial. Reviews

Sissy School - Training for Sissies - phone humiliation and trainings for sissies.

Phone Humiliation - Cuckolds, Pindicks and Chronic Masturbation Humiliation - self-explanatory.

Severe Humiliation of the Male - through telephone humiliation

Sensual Domination, Erotic Humiliation - with phone humiliations and female domination.

The Masturbation Mistress will Control Your Masturbation - Phone humiliations.

Training for Sissies at The Sissifier - sissy trainings.

Femdom Chatrooms - chatrooms for femdom lovers.

Feminization Phone Fantasies with Experienced Mistresses - phone humiliation and feminization

Chastity Training and Keyholding with the Dicktator - phone humiliation.

Verbal Humiliation and Severe Degradation - through telephone.

Small Penis Humiliation - phone humiliation

Forced Bi and Forced Cocksucking Training - phone humiliation site.

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