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Live The Dream!  Review of THE OTHER WORLD KINGDOM by Layne Winklebleck (From The Spectator Magazine)

In one of the more ambitious fetish publishing blitzkriegs ever, a series of books, magazines and calendars from the Czech Republic (printed in English and German) started showing up in our review bin last year.

The publications are of a quality and style that fits no established niche market of the western world. They are replete with gorgeous photos featuring elaborately costumed models and lavish sets and printed with expensive, top-grade paper and binding, all to document a purported real Kingdom where women rule, male slaves do actual slave work and where there are palaces, courtyards, riding schools and much, much more. This never-never-land of female domination goes by the Disney-like title of The Other World Kingdom and has an Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS meets Helmut Newton Gestapo-chic to it.

What's the catch, we naturally thought, which accounts for why we haven't reviewed the Other World Kingdom series before now. Got to be a scam of some kind, we thought. Nothing much larger than a six-room suite in some hard-to-rent commercial building ever evolved in the fertile S/M worlds of American or British pervery, so how could a full-fledged Kingdom pop up all of a sudden in a nowheresville fetish backwater like the Czech Republic? If it does exist it's got to be the extravagant hobby of some closeted billionaire. It is simply too much to hope for that a group of beautiful women are driven to live their concentration camp fantasies. Local players from the Service of Mankind Church may eat their hearts out dreaming of such a scenario; however they are advised, as always, not to hold their collective breaths.

But if there is a scam, we sure can't figure out what it is from the O.W.K. literature, which never lets up for a second, never gives the slightest hint that there is a hidden agenda or even stagemanship or illusion involved. There are no reassurances regarding safewords or promises of fantasies fulfilled. Instead, we have pages of rules, rules, rules and straight-faced statements of goals. The goals seem to be primarily aimed at the amusement and glorification of dominant women. Check it out.

From the Supreme Administrator Madam Patricia de Gifford in the state magazine O.W.K.#2:



The Other World Kingdom is a private state, based strictly upon a matriarchal slave monarchy, which within the framework of its structure combines DOMINANT WOMEN with submissively (sic) men, and affords them REALISTIC conditions for leading a life, whose style fully respects and by no means limits their disposition.

In its legislature the Other World Kingdom emphatically enforces the principle of ABSOLUTE and TOTAL SUPERIORITY of DOMINANT WOMEN over men, and that in ALL aspects of life.

The aim of the Other World Kingdom is the creation and the carrying out of a real, and by no means limited monarchy, in which DOMINANT WOMEN rule unlimitedly over men in the position of a subject (serf) as the REAL slaves. The Other World Kingdom is not a professional S/M studio fulfilling the wishes of clients!


I. The leading and superior class are the SUBLIME LADIES, who are free FEMALE CITIZENS of the Kingdom.

These DOMINANT WOMEN enjoy all advantages, which flow from citizenship, are free from the responsibility of paying tax, and practically unpunishable by the laws of the Kingdom. Their statutes guarantee the position of Beings superior over all male creatures.

II. Subordinate and inferior are the subjects - male creatures, which up until now have not lost all human rights. They are, however, with regards to their position, the de facto property of the Queen, must listen to Her orders, and the orders of the Sublime Ladies. Their freedom is limited, are not allowed to move without the agreement of the ruler, not to get married, not change occupation and likewise. The Queen may give or sell them to any of the Sublime Ladies. The meaning of life for the subjects is to support in all ways the Other World Kingdom and its superior citizens - by paying taxes from serfdom and obliged drudgery, even at private estates in the Kingdom.

III. Slaves represented the lowest social classes.

These creatures, which have lost all human rights, are not considered as human beings anymore, and are treated by their female owners accordingly. In the Other World Kingdom, there are two types of slaves.

1. State Slaves- who are the property of the Queen, and who take care of Her, the Court Ladies, and Female Visitors, perform all kinds of work in the Kingdom. A state slave can only be a creature that lives within the territory of the Kingdom.

2. Private slaves - are the property of Ladies, and care for their happiness and comfort.

Our initial reaction to this? We are not ready for "State Slave," - definitely not. When very horny we might go for "Subject who has not lost all human rights" but we need to talk first. These "taxes,"... are they are on a sliding scale?

We humbly beg your forgiveness, Madam Supreme Administrator, if we sound a little smart-assed. If indeed the Other World Kingdom is what you say, then we wish you only the best for daring so boldly. Daring is good in our S/M book. Enough dabbling with dark fantasies, right? Let's get down to the real thing.

However, please understand that in our more cynical commercial scene, nothing is ever exactly what it claims to be; the best S/M players are switches and there isn't a dungeon in San Francisco that looks like one from the outside. So perhaps you can understand why we are a bit dubious despite the terrific O.W.K. photos.

Spectator readers should know that these photos are technically superb, much of the impact being lost in cyberprint. However, they do not look documentary, which also makes us a little suspicious. Too posed and careful. What else is posed and careful?

Something in the style of the literature with all its emphasis on legalistic rules also gives us pause. For instance, in the hard-bound Women Over Men: Living In The Other World Kingdom, we have the following:

The prescribed identification of state slaves is the following:

- a black collar with the "OWK" initials

- a full-circle sign in the middle of the slaves forehead, the diameter of which is to be at least 2 cm

- a personal number on the left buttocks and the letter "S."

Very specific, like someone's narrow fetish. And too many rules; okay for some Europeans, maybe, but we're Americans.

Yet deep down we want to believe. Could such a place work? A lot depends on the money. Where does the money come from? Some of the photos from the Kingdom show slaves crushing stones with sledges. We know for a fact that there is very little money in small amounts of crushed rock. Is the Kingdom counting on "taxes" from slaves with money.? If so, the O.W.K. could end up being little different than a glorified commercial scene, with rich slaves subtly calling the shots, all the scowling comments from Madam Patricia De Gifford, Sublime Supreme Administrator, that she is looking for "serious slaves who want to live the dream" notwithstanding.

On the other hand, since Madam Gifford and her various Lady Governors and other Sublime Ladies have already have gotten the money from someplace to fund this baby, maybe money is no object. And yes, there certainly are lots of men who profess the desire to be truly slaves and live the dream. We have seen some of them really give it up over extended periods of time. Of course, a few need help staying on their psychotropic medications, but there are others who are quite loyal and stable.

And lately the plot thickens. Skin Two writer Mark Bennett actually went to The Other World Kingdom. Duh. Somebody was bound to think of this eventually. And what was Bennett's report, as published in Skin Two (Issue 23)? Well, he didn't get the red carpet and the full tour. Nor was he granted an audience with Madam Gifford. Rules, you know. (Might have helped if he had been a woman.) In any case, operating a bit from a tourist view, Bennett wasn't quite ready to proclaim the establishment of an autonomous, feudal, S/M state. But he also didn't rule it out and he did believe that the people of O.W.K. were serious. Furthermore, Bennett reported that the scale of the overall Other World Kingdom is very substantial...

... whatever impression the books give, one thing they don't do is begin to convey accurately the size of the Other World Kingdom. It's huge. In comparison with your ordinary SM B&D the OWK, with its thousand-person capacity, is more like a medieval Disney World....

And guess what? As Bennett goes on to describe, there is a palace and courtyards and riding schools and all that. Somebody is putting tons of money into this. That makes it pretty exciting. What S/M player has never fantasized about the playworld that could be created with a few $mil to throw around. It could be another world.

This being true we are ready to take the Other World Kingdom at face value. We'd be very interested in a first hand report from anyone who attended the Coronation Of The First Queen, which was scheduled for June 1 of this year. Or better yet, we'd love a report, not from an undercover investigator, but from a dominant woman (Lady Atria, are you reading this?) or especially from a submissive participant willing to sincerely buy into the program. We'd go, but, you know, we're awfully busy this year. However, adventurous freelance reporters who think they could dig being real slaves, (or perhaps, more realistically, are willing to log some time as a "Subject who has not lost all human rights") check it out. Let us know all about it when you get back. If you get back. (Spectator Magazine can assume no liability to relatives or heirs of freelance reporters who do not come back.)

(Says O.W.K.: The Czech Republic is a stable democratic state. Shops and petrol stations accept credit cards. The Other World Kingdom is located about 100 miles from Prague, which has an international airport.)


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