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Excellent dominatrix directory guide.  The oldest, best, and the most complete one on the Internet.  Excellent site to advertise on for new dominatrices (as it receives the most traffic among all dominatrix directories).

Introduction of is one of the oldest and the most complete dominatrix directory on the Internet.  It is currently run by Max Fisch.  It is the leading femdom related directories on the Internet.

Responsiveness of

OK.  Sometimes responds in two weeks.

It also updates itself frequently.

Contents of is currently divided into several categories including US Dominas, World Dominas, Discussions, Other Categories, and Referring Sites.

The US Dominas section lists US based dominatrices by the state.

The World Dominas section lists dominatrices around the world by the country.

The Discussion section is a forum for discussing related topics.

Other Categories include listtings of TV/TS, Male Doms, female submissives, non-professional dominatrices, distance trainings, and other interesting sites.

The Referring sites section uses toplists to link to others.





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