Evolution of Male Masochism

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Masochism in males was bred into our species millions of
years ago through femes selecting out of the most
aggressive males the males who were most submissive to
femes by testing them through applying aggression to their
genitals. The males who tolerated and accepted the most
aggression got to be selected, and the males who were
sexually aroused by feme aggression were those who became
sexually aroused by it. Thus male masochism is
instinctually based. Every single male, without exception,
can be easily triggered into masochism at around puberty.
What masochism does is turn male aggression back onto the
male himself. This is matriarchal sexuality.

The entire function of patriarchy has been to negate and
suppress feme natural sexuality and aggression through
feminization, morality, and religion. Patriarchy is
misogyny. Love seems to have a lot to do with patriarchy.
In matriarchy, or matriarchal relationships, males worship,
adore, and sacrifice for femes. The desire of the male is
to serve the desire of the feme.

There is a difference between sacrifice and punishment.
If discipline is punishment, then it is assumed to be
deserved and therefore is not a voluntary gift or
sacrifice. Punishment may modify male behavior but
sacrifice transforms the male psyche. I think that a male
who submits to mimetic ritual purely as sacrifice rather
than punishment intuitively does it for more than merely
giving his Domina the pleasure of schadenfreude (joy and
triumph in cruelty). In a patriarchal world these sessions
empower the feme and sustain her as Subject. It is a ritual
of becoming and transformation. The pain of pleasure and
the pleasure of pain enable the male to embrace and
internalize his biologically determined role. In a world
where femes are denied power and their natural aggression
and sexuality, the pleasure of the giving of pain awakens
the Amazon within her. She is able to reclaim her natural
biological essential self. Punishment can control behavior
patterns, but it is the wrong kind of ritual for
transformation. A Domina may control a male through
punishment, but she cannot transform him into her
consort/warrior/sissy or whatever she wants to make him
into through punishment rituals. Punishment has its place
but it is the wrong kind of mimetic ritual for sacrificial
transformation and reunification of male body and mind.
Slaves are punished but gods, warriors, and consorts are

The task of explaining the difference between the normal
male and the masochistic male is extremely difficult
because the distinction is wrong. According to the
experts, only those who participate in masochistic
practices are masochists because masochism is considered to
be a perversion, and masochistic fantasies are so
widespread that it would be meaningless to call them a
perversion (the same applies to the pervasiveness of rape
in patriarchy). The normal male, therefore often has
masochistic fantasies but would not be classified as a
masochist by the psychiatric profession unless he actually
sought out pain for the sake of sexual pleasure. So
according to the contemporary psychiatric criteria, males
who submit to femes are masochists, even if they do not
regard themselves as such. The psychiatric distinction
between those who merely have fantasies and those who turn
their fantasies into a reality is nonsense and meaningless.
You cannot make a psychological or a categorical
distinction between two kinds of males merely on whether a
male has the opportunity, the will, or the money to turn a
fantasy into a reality. There are thousands of males who
do not go to a dominatrix who would love to have their
wives discipline them. If the wife decides to, then the
male becomes a masochist. If she decides not to and the
male cannot fulfill his fantasy, then he is considered not
to be a masochist. What nonsense!

Every male has a mimetic layer of cognition underneath the
layer of linguistic cognition. The mimetic layer is
matriarchal and the linguistic layer is patriarchal. Most
normal males oscillate between these two mimetic layers of
cognition. In every male it is a matter of degree as to how
much his mimetic mind is functioning or repressed.


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