Male Slave Training

Visiting A Professional Mistress - Guidelines

First, there are some questions to ask yourself:

What do you wish to experience?

Do you wish for a femdom experience and/or sex as well? Most professional mistresses do not offer sexual services - and plus, having sex in exchange for money is considered prostitution, and is illegal in most places.
Are you looking for bondage, electroplay, CP, CBT, suspension, encasement, sissification, cross dressing, role play, adult baby play, or to be lashed with a single tail? - make a list of what you would most like to experience, break it down into component parts.

What are your fetishes?

Blondes? Boots? Latex? Leather? Prison fantasies, medical scenarios or is it the Victorian school Ma'am that you desire? Again make a list of what appeals to you, break it down into must haves, and not worried abouts and NO thank yous!

What is your current experience level?

This is where you have to be brutally honest with your self and your prospective Mistress.

If you have no experience and this is to be your first experience look for Mistresses who are well known, who specialize in nervous newcomers, who can provide references, who who list reviews on their site from clients - where they can be approached and reviews of their services can be read.

Be prepared to give details of your experience - whatever that may be. If asking to explore a new avenue - state that you have experience in other areas but are now looking to explore "x","y"and "z".

What are your limits?

Have another look at your list - now add to it the things you will never do - your limits - your no go areas. Also think about things like marks and bruising - will this compromise you at home or work? Marks for some people can be a limit. You will need to tell your prospective Mistress if they are - she will also need to know if you bruise more easily than most. She will also need to know is you have any medical condition that could affect play.

You may well be given a medical questionnaire before your first session. This will ask questions about your sexual health, your physical health and your emotional health.

Expect questions about heart problems, pacemakers, diabetes, epilepsy, skin cancer, asthma, metal implants/replacement joints, arthritis and panic attacks.

You may also be asked questions about any medication you might take and any allergies and phobias you might have.

Having any of the above conditions does not preclude you from enjoying Femdom.

What it does mean is making your Mistress aware of any problems, and a blueprint of how to deal with any problems if they should arise. This particularly applies if you are asthmatic, diabetic or have a severe allergy which means you have to carry an epi-pen.

A capable Mistress will design her sessions around any such factors.

What do you need from a Mistress?

Is it the look, the manner, the boots or the stern voice. Are you looking for an Amazon, a high priestess, a compassionate mother figure or Victorian Harridan?

Think also about age, experience and their particular skills.

How much are you prepared to pay?

Think about how much you are prepared to spend. Allow for travel costs, club costs and for hire of suitable premises if they are not already included.

Location - How far are you prepared to travel? Do you need to be a safe distance away from home? Are they located near the road/rail network. Is there parking?

Now you have a have a much clearer idea of what you are seeking in a professional Mistress you are ready to go looking.



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