Male Slave Training

How to Approach A Mistress

Do write a polite, submissive, concise note outlining your specific interests including your thresholds (i.e. light spanking, heavy CBT) and your current level of experience.

Enclose whatever information or tribute she has requested or you may not receive an answer. Write in the prescribed manner and fill in any health questionnaires you might have been given. Dominas usually screen applicants by discarding those that cannot approach them in the prescribed manner, or who fail to follow contact and booking procedures.

Do Not send a photo or jpeg of yourself - unless specifically requested to do so.

Do include contact information (email, phone, pager), make sure your information is on every page that you send her.

When Calling a Mistress

Yes of course you will be nervous first time. Remember to introduce yourself first, speak slowly and clearly. Do not interrupt her when she is speaking. Listen carefully to what she is telling you.

Do ask respectfully if the Mistress is seeing new clients.
Do ask her about her facilities.
Do ask about her experience level.
Do ask if she caters for people with your needs.
Do ask about her specialties, hours and tribute.
Do Not ask her to do anything illegal.
Do ask her questions as honestly as you can. Remember she is assessing you as you speak.

On being offered an appointment

Do confirm your appointment.
Do make sure you make a note of directions.
Do make sure you have understood the arrangements.
Do let her know as soon as possible if you have to cancel/rearrange.
Do not mess her about constantly changing your mind.

On Arrival

Do wash, clean teeth, dress properly - this includes clean toe nails!
Do Not Drink or take Drugs before your meeting.
DO LEAVE if you are unhappy about anything - cleanliness, lack of equipment - wrong surroundings - different person from picture - under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In Session

Do as you are told.
Do give feedback.
Do use your safeword if you need to.
Remember No Sex means No Sex.
Do remember to say thank you when the session has ended. A reputable Mistress will allow a debriefing period and may well have shower & bathing facilities.

Follow Up

You may well be given the opportunity to follow up after a session. Be open and honest about what you got from your experience. You may just get the chance to go back.



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