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Hello all. The idea of feme supremacy has obsessed me for a long
time now.

I am male, by the way. Several years ago in college I took an
anthropology course on gender where we read Ashley Montagu's THE
NATURAL SUPERIORITY OF WOMEN. I'd never thought of myself as
sexist, but growing up in a patriarchal sociey, males still absorb an
unconcious sense of superiority.

I was upset to discover that we humans all start off as feme in the
womb. I was further shocked to learn that this is in keeping with the
general pattern in biology: life itself is gynocentric. All life
originally began as feme; males evolved later as an afterthought
on the part of Mother Nature. The natural form of all species is
feme, and some dispense with the male entirely.

I learned that femes were the basic sex, and that the male is merely
a modified feme. The penis is a masculinized clitoris, the scrotum
derives from labia that have fused. And the fact that males are a
derivation (or perhaps even a parody) of the original feme form
explains why men have nipples, why far more men than women suffer
from physical and mental gender disorders, why women are generally
healthier, and why they live longer.

It was too much for my little male mind. I wanted to deny it, but I
read more and knew that I couldn't deny it. And then, suddenly, it
didn't upset me any more. In fact, I embraced it: it seemed obivously
natural, right, beautiful and intuitively true. And then, I swear,
there was even something *arousing* about it! A mix of fear and
desire. About this time I began to become interested in various
ancient Goddess religions. Our ancient ancestors intuitively
understood what modern science has taught us: the feminine principle
is the foundation of all life.

Many men resist this truth (and isn't it funny how such a basic fact
of human biology was never mentioned in any of my high school bio
classes). But more and more will come to embrace it. We need to
dispense with the idea of "maculinity" altogether and accept the
biological fact that males are basically mutated femes. Then the
social division between the genders can cease and we can all think of
ourselves as reflection of the Goddess.

I think about this all the time. Sometimes, when I'm at the gym
showering, I glance at the other naked men. It makes me want to
giggle. They seem so unaware. I want to say "Look at your nipples! Do
you know that you have them because you started off in your mother's
womb as a girl?". Their dangling penises look so comical when I
think about saying "Do you know that your penis is just an enlarged
clitoris?" Of course, I never say this because I don't think it would
go over too well.

But I think men and boys (and women and girls) should learn to think
of the penis as an overdeveloped clitoris.

But I say it often to myself, and to my wife (and she says it to
me). The mere knowledge of this fact; that we are not so different as
some would have us think somehow makes us feel closer. She feels the
same way. She loves touching my nipples, my penis which is merely a
grotesquely exagerrated clitoris, the ridge on the bottom of my
scrotum that was once a vagina, and knowing that once, for a very
brief time, I was like her.

Of course, there are differences. I will always suffer a certain
degree of womb envy at her power to procreate, her sexual capacity
as a woman is infinitely greater than mine as a male (the clitoris as
a sexual organ is far superior to the penis, having more than twice
as many nerve endings), and she is the biologically stronger of the
two. After a shower I'll look at myself in the mirror. I know that
as a male I am merely a modified feme. My penis is an overdeveloped
clitoris, and my scrotum is labia tissue that has fused. But by not
denying my feminine origins I embrace the possibility of a kind of
"sisterhood" with all other humans, and a connection to the source
of life.

I apologize for the length of my message. But, as you can see, I am
quite enthusiastic. I would love to know about other people's
thoughts on this subject.

Ed. I am glad that your posting was long. And i'm sorry that my
reply is 2 months too late. But i can hope for the best. I'm thrilled
to see any serious postings about the truth of feme Superiority.
There are of course many angles to this. You seem to take the
biological approach. Others prefer archaeology and anthropology. Or
a political/social critiques of masculine society. I favor a
persona' or existentialis approach. By that i mean i am drawn to F/S
by my own nature. It is written within me. My nature tells me that
Women are superior and i thrill to their victory over me. I aspire to
learn submission and sacrifice. My sexuality is inclined to this.

I am driven by my fetishes. All of me wants feme Supremacy
realized. I hope that we can build a lively F/S discussion community
here and will check the board regularly. I will post and reply often.
I hope you and others do the same. goodbye bro, pray for Their

The preceding thread shows two very valid and interesting
viewpoints. I tend to see my journey more resembles kneeler's, as I
take a psychological (tempered by a sociological approach, in that I
believe feme power must be institutionalized) attitude towards
feme Supremacy. **I WISH IT WERE NOT SO**, but I also arrived here
because of the impetus of fetishes. In particular the 'love-hate'
and 'attraction-fear' cycles I connect to seeing role-reversal, the
humiliation and feminization of my sub-sex and establishment of
feme rulership.

I state remorse in that only because, if my actions stem or rule
from sexual or psychological drive, am I not basing my submission on
selfish reasons and not truly willing default to my Superiors? I
suspect too many males are like me in this. May it be that femes
shall discern enough about all types of males, so how to adjust
strategies in seeing all males being brought to bay...and obey.

Still, I ashamedly admit truly not to knowing how I will react to
the feme takeover if it comes to fruition in my lifetime. There is
a part of me that I fear would feel crushed beyond belief in defeat
at the hands of Women. Hopefully, femes by then shall have become
so pleased and enamored with the reversal of power that they shall
not care how poorly our egos are hurt... it'd probably serve us right


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