Human Toilet in Female Domination
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Human toilet is the practice of defecating and/or urinating on someone as a female domination practice, often on a male slave's face or in his mouth to simulate a toilet. This may or may not include some consumption of the material, although consumption of feces may carry health risks. (emphasis added, see below)

Potential Health Risks of Consumption of Human Feces

Approximately 75% of an ordinary sample of human feces is water. Of the remaining 25%, 1/3 (or about 1/12 of the whole) is dead bacteria. Another 1/3 of the remaining quarter is indigestible food, such as cellulose. However, live bacteria might exists in one's own feces, which may pose a health risk to oneself.

It is not known why people have certain human toilet fetishes.  However, in medical terms, the fetish of urine is called urolagnia (also known as urophilia or undinism). 

In a female domination play, this kind of fetish is often referred to as watersports.  Watersports is a form of humiliation, sometimes physical humiliation associated with being urinated on or pressured to consume urine.

The fetish of feces is called coprophilia, and in a female domination play, it is sometimes referred to as scat play.  A few number of femdom players engage in coprophagia, the eating of feces. This is a potentially hazardous activity due to the risks of bacterial infection. Consuming one's own feces could have potentially harmful consequences, as the bowel bacteria are not necessarily safe to ingest, though it is not as risky as eating a partner's feces. These risks include viral hepatitis and parasitic intestinal infections such as giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, shigellosis, amebiasis and campylobacter. Those with weakened immune systems should certainly abstain from mucous membrane contact with stool.

Human Toilet as a Fantasy

A few foreign videos play out human toilet fantasy.  A noticeable one is a Japanese femdom video serious called Yapoo's Market, based on a novel The Domestic Yapoo.

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