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Review of a Femdom Horror Novel: The House of Blood by Wayne C. Rogers
Review by Lisabet Sarai

More information about
House of Blood, a Femdom Horror Novel

Published by Erotica Readers and Writers Association
Original URL Link: http://www.erotica-readers.com/ERA/Archive08/BR-House_of_Blood.htm


"The cover of The House of Blood features a misty image of a turreted and gabled mansion, a full moon silhouetting the skeletal trees, and in the foreground, a riding crop dripping blood."

"This novel, billed as "femdom horror", combines a ghost story with a fetish tale about male humiliation and torture at the hands of dominant females."

"The House of Blood has a brisk, modern style that draws the reader into the story. There's little of the dark, brooding atmosphere that one tends to associate with Gothic horror."

"If it turns you on to think about your wife screwing another man while you watch, or forcing you to drink her urine, or whipping you until you can't stand, then you will love this book."

"Clever and well-executed, The House of Blood delivers chills and thrills to fans of femdom. Perhaps, indeed, your mistress might require you to read it—just for your education."

Quotes and reviewed by Lisabet Sarai
February 2008

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