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Foot Fetish
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General Information

Foot fetish is a kind of sexual fetish resulting in the sexual arousal or sexual satisfaction through foot, or feet.

Foot fetish normally occur in males who are aroused by women's feet.  The preferences of foot fetishist vary.  Some crave big giantess feet, though most go for small and dainty. Some like dirty feet, though most prefer clean. Some like feet of a particular race, tanned feet, athletic feet, high arches, polished toe nails, high heels, leather boots, sandals, stockings, toe cleavage or toe rings. Some adore massaging, pampering and pedicuring feet. Others want to be walked on. There are foot-lickers, toe-suckers, heel-sniffers, arch-ticklers and Imelda Marcos types just into shoes. Some go for stockings, often relishing the powerful aroma of just-worn nylons. Some couples do 69, but instead of having oral sex, they suck each other's toes. Some guys love to masturbate against a woman's foot, or use her big toe like a butt plug. Others are into foot bondage; they like to tie feet up and torture or tickle them.

Causes of Foot Fetish

Typically, foot fetish begins in early childhood. As a toddler toddles and crawls, exploring the world, feet are often the first part of the mother that he encounters. There is a theory that says that if a mother doesn't pick up and hold a child very often, his main physical contact with her will be with her feet; thus, he is more likely to develop a foot fetish.

According to Brame, Brame & Jacobs (1996) most of the fetishists they interviewed, who listed foot fetishism as an interest, recalled an erotic encounter with feet in childhood i.e. crawling near an adults foot and feeling pleasantly stimulated, using parent's shoes as playthings, being tickled or nudged or trod on by a parent or other child. Most of those interviewed admitted to have had pre-existing desires or attractions. Fetishists reported being attracted to specific shoe styles some not available during their childhood which led the authors to consider the precise source of excitement may be amenable to change. The causes of fetishism are however likely to be complex or at least, multifactorial. Whatever the cause, paraphiliacs seldom seek treatment and in many cases the individual derives such immense pleasure that giving it up would be unthinkable. When the combination of drug therapy and cognitive behavior therapy (Kafka, 1996; Bender, 1998).


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