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These short stories are a homage to the delights of beautiful, imperious women, and to the pleasures of serving them. By turns cruel and mysterious, its heroines leave a trail of bound, bewildered and thoroughly used men behind. Told from their points of view, the stories in In Her Service express the yearning, arousal and fulfillment of their helpless and fascinated subjects.
Queen, author of erotic femdom fiction (The Leather Daddy and the Femme) and co-owner of San Francisco women's sex shop Good Vibrations, serves up a steamy collection of femdom fiction. In Charlie Anders's "Transfixed, Helpless, and Out of Control: Election Night 2004," a woman drives her latest conquest into a sexual and emotional frenzy with whips, nipple clamps and predictions of a Republican future.  Queen offers a possibly autobiographical glimpse into her own sexual awakening ("Becoming the Goddess"), while Shawna Kenney submits a section of I Was a Teenage Dominatrix, in which she forges a new, and surprisingly innocent, friendship. Kinky delights, not for the faint of heart.

A very comprehensive, accessible and well-written introduction to the scene for the novice, or any curious layperson, whether dominant or submissive in nature, or a little of both. I recommend The Loving Dominant highly to anyone wanting some down-to-earth information, from the curious acolyte to the not-quite-jaded adept.

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