Rubber Up!

Chapter 3

Choosing The Right Brands

Female condoms for gay sex?

In 1992 a new type of condom was launched. Unlike traditional ‘male’ condoms which are designed to be worn by the man, this ‘female’ condom (sold under the trade names Femidom or Reality) is like a pouch designed to be worn by the woman.

Female condoms consist of a wide cylinder made out of polyurethane, sealed closed at one end but ending with a springy ring at the other to hold it open. There’s another loose ring inside which is designed to lodge up past the woman’s pelvic bone, holding the top of the cylinder in place.

As soon as it became available, gay men experimented using the female condom for fucking. There are several potentially appealing reasons for trying it.

First, there may be less of a decrease in sensitivity. Standard condoms cause loss of sensation to the guy who’s fucking because they cling so tightly to his cock. But using a female condom, the guy still gets all the pleasurable feelings of thrusting into his partner’s arse.

Secondly, the type of lubricant you choose is less important. The polyurethane material of female condoms isn’t affected by oil-based lubricants which would seriously weaken latex condoms. Having said that, it’s a good idea not to lose the habit of using water-based lube, to avoid confusion on the occasions when you switch back to standard male condoms.

The third possible advantage is that it gives the receptive partner more control in staying safe. Rather than having to persuade your partner that you want him to use a condom, you can take the initiative of using a female condom yourself.

People who’ve tried using the female condom for anal sex give mixed reviews. For some it has revolutionised their sex lives; some men who had given up fucking because they hated male condoms so much say that with the hlp of female condoms they've re-discovered anal sex. But others report a range of problems.

It can be tricky to get the condom inside your arse – one tip is to drape it over your partner’s cock and use that to push it in. Anal aficionados of the female condom also recommend removing and throwing away the loose inner ring. Once installed, some people find that the quantity of material feels uncomfortable and crumpled inside them (if they’re being fucked) or rubbing against their cock (if they’re fucking), and the open end hanging out of your bum certainly looks bizarre. Finally, fucking with a female condom can make strange noises that take some getting used to.