Rubber Up!

Chapter 3

Choosing The Right Brands

Which lube?

Weíve already mentioned the critical importance of using additional lubricant for anal sex, and of making sure that the lubricant is water-based rather than oil-based.

Many condoms come with a tiny amount of lubricant inside the condom packet, but thatís nowhere near enough for fucking. If you get your condoms in packs made up by AIDS organisations, youíll often find that they provide little sachets or bottles of lube in the pack. Otherwise, youíll need to track down some lubricant at a clinic or shop.

Thereís a myriad of water-based lubricants available in the UK. Hereís a rundown of the ones youíre most likely to come across:


This is easily the commonest water-based lubricant. Itís sold in virtually any chemist (pharmacy) or supermarket. It does the job perfectly well, although many people complain that it dries out quickly, so you may need to keep applying more during the sex.


Boots own brand is remarkably similar to KY Jelly but generally a little cheaper. It's a standard, inoffensive lubricant, but it can suffer from similar dying out problems as KY.


Brushaway lubricant can sometimes be found in vending machines in gay pubs and clubs. The packs we bought contained a sachet of Comfort Personal Lubricant. This lube has added aloe vera and vitamin E, so it will leave you feeling silky smooth. Even though it is water-based, so safe for condoms, it feels much more oily than some of the other lubricants, making it long-lasting and good for massage that leads to fucking, but harder to wash off.


Wet Stuff is made in Australia by a company which goes by the alarming name of Natural Oil Workers. Donít worry Ė Wet Stuff is based on water, not oil, and is perfectly safe with latex condoms. If youíre likely to get your lubricant in your mouth, this is a good choice: itís got a rather pleasant, bland but sweet taste. Sachets of this lubricant have been imported by several British AIDS organisations, and you can also get tubes and dispenser pumps. Itís a good, slippery lubricant that wonít dry out too quickly.


Slik lubricant is imported into the UK exclusively by the Rob of London shop, who sell it in various bottles and dispensers. Itís a very thin, runny, almost tasteless liquid which feels like oil when you rub it between your fingers, but rest assured, itís water-based and safe to use with latex condoms. Youíre unlikely to have problems with Slik drying out; in fact, itís so persistent that youíre more likely to complain that you canít wash it off. Excellent for extended sex sessions!


This is the one that looks like cum. Itís a thick milky fluid, with a smell rather like hand lotion. Itís also got a very artificial, perfumed taste, which might be a consideration if youíre likely to get it in your mouth.


Distributed by the same people as Liquid Silk, Maximus is a thick, clear liquid with a rather unpleasant bitter taste.


ForPlay lubricant is a thick, clear liquid sold either in bottles and pumps, or in small tube-shaped plastic sachets that are wonderfully easy to open. It contains nonoxynol-9, so is best avoided if you're worried that spermicides may be an irritant, and it does tend to dry out relatively quickly. On the plus side, though, it's got a bland, unobjectionable taste.


Instead of a tube or sachet, why not buy your lube in a pump dispenser? You can use as much or as little as you want at a time, it's always on tap, and there's no risk of rolling onto an open tube and squirting lube all over your nice clean sheets.