Rubber Up!

Chapter 3

Choosing The Right Brands

What size?

Have you heard the one about the manufacturer who produced condoms in a range of different sizes? He started off selling small, medium or large condoms, but found that the only ones that anyone bought were the large ones. Sales only picked up when he re-labelled the same condoms as standard, large and extra-large.

In fact, condoms do come in slightly different sizes, but you wont usually find it marked on the packet. For a start, condoms sold in Europe and the USA tend to be slightly wider in the shaft than brands sold in Asia. The length of condoms also varies a little from brand to brand, although most are in the region of 18 to 19 cm long.

As mentioned in Chapter 2, some men who have large cock-heads find that its easier to put on a condom by unrolling it a little over their fingers then pulling it over their cock, rather than trying to roll it over. If your cock is genuinely so long that condoms wont roll down as far as youd like, you could try one of the imported extra-large condoms such as the American condoms Trojan Magnum or Trojan-Enz Large or the Dutch brand Mondos XXL. These condoms are longer and wider than average, and can be obtained from some mail order services and clinics. Again, these three brands are standard strength condom, not extra strong, and therefore not ideal for gay sex.

If you find that regular condoms tend to slip off, you may be better off with a tighter fitting condom. There are a couple of narrower brands on the UK market, such as Sure Fit, but again, these are standard strength condoms, not extra strong. We've even heard reports of an American brand that has a sticky strip inside the condom to hold it securely to your cock.