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About Edward King...

I've been involved in AIDS work since 1988, contributing regularly to UK gay and HIV publications such as the Pink Paper, Positive Times, Axiom and Positive Nation.

I was the Terrence Higgins Trust's first Gay Men's Health Education Officer, working with volunteers to develop resources such as the Tales of Gay Sex photoleaflets, and advising on projects such as Pride Video Productions' The Gay Man's Guide to Safer Sex.

In 1992 I was among the founders of Gay Men Fighting AIDS, an organisation set up to counter the neglect of HIV prevention initiatives targeting the group most at risk from HIV. I'm currently a director of RS Health Ltd, the gay men's HIV prevention organisation which makes the popular Rubberstuffers condom packs.

My 1993 book Safety in Numbers documents the successful gay safer sex campaigns of the 1980s, and the harmful effects of the de-gaying of AIDS. It is published by Cassell in the UK, and Routledge in the USA. In 1996 Cassell's imprint Freedom Editions also published Rubber Up! - Every Gay Men's Guide to Condoms, written with Chris Markham.

Between 1992 and 1998 I worked for NAM Publications, editing the monthly newsletter AIDS Treatment Update and the HIV & AIDS Treatments Directory.

I now work as Program Director for Medscape's HIV/AIDS site, the Internet's most comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail at