Eight Levels of Castration

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Castration is the supreme symbol of the Othering of the male. The
Other is the one with the Lack--the lack of the phallus, Voice and
Gaze. To be lacking in these is to be castrated. The jouissance of the
Other is in submitting to castration. Sex is a process of Othering as
it is what the Subject does to the Other. This is why matriarchal sex
is so very different from patriarchal sex. Sex keeps the Other in his
or her place as Other.

In working towards a more complete theory on matriarchy, an analysis
of castration is needed. Castration, of course, is a complex concept
much like the complexity of the concept of the Phallus. The Phallus,
as a signifier, means more than the mere penis. It entails the Voice
and Gaze as well. So possession of the phallus means having the Voice
and Gaze. Possession of the phallus is synonymous with being the

Conversely, castration means not merely the removal of the male
genitals. It means much more than that. It also is a complex concept
and is the signifier for the loss of the phallus. Castration entails
not having the Voice and Gaze. To castrate the male is to Other the
male. When the feme castrates the male, she has the Voice and Gaze.
The Voice and Gaze are not attributes of the male genitals as such. It
is the power to take, or the taking which positions the feme as
Subject. The genitals can still be attached to the male's body, but
still be in her possession and control. If she owns, possesses, and
controls his genitals, she owns, possesses and controls him. That is
what it means to be a Subject as feme, and a male as Other. There can,
therefore, be different levels of castration in terms of different
levels of possession and control:

1. The castration of control

The first level of castration would entail the male giving up control
of his sexuality to a/the feme. He would have no sexual experience
without her permission, and according to her direction. While this is
only the first level, if carried out, the male becomes available to
serve feme desire. If a feme can control male sexuality to even this
degree, she has broken the control of the male over her body, and has
control of his. If a male's sexuality can be controlled, he probably
can be controlled as to almost anything else as sex is an essential
part of the lives of almost all males. As stated by Jean Baudrillard
in his book, Seduction, "in the absence or denial of the orgasm,
superior intensity is possible."

2. The castration of ejaculation

Males can be trained to withold and postpone ejaculation and to
maintain an erection for the length of time desired by the feme. If
males are not permitted to ejaculate but must withdraw and achieve
their climax by masturbation after withdrawal, then there is very
little risk of pregnancy. Eventually, the male will lose the capacity
to climax introvaginally, and can only experience an orgasm through
manual manipulation. The second level of castration is achieved when
the male is no longer able to ejaculate while inside the feme. This
frees the feme from the problems of birth control. She no longer has
to take chemicals or insert a foreign object such as a diaphragm. At
the same time, it has the advantage over a vasectomy in that the male
can maintain an erection for a very long time.

3. The castration of possession

The third level of castration is achieved when the male willingly
turns over his genitals such that they can be placed beyond his own
control. This is the castration of bondage. The wearing of a Kali's
teeth bracelet or some other control device which prevents him from
having a sexual experience or even an erection until the device is

4. The castration of pain

The fourth level of castration is achieved when the male is subject to
what is commonly known in the Scene as "cock torture." this level
entails the willingness of the male to accept pain applied to his
genitals. The pain at this level is mild, as it serves a symbolic
function. It establishes in the psyche of the submissive that his
genitals exist for the pleasure and enjoyment of the feme.

5. The castration of ownership

Possession doesn't necessarily entail ownership. When one owns
something, they are free to do what they want with it. The ownership
of the genitals establishes the ownership of the male to which they
are attached. This level of castration is accomplished by the feme
lending her sub to other femes for their enjoyment and use. This level
of castration establishes that the male no longer owns his self. He
belongs to a feme to do with as she wishes. It also serves the
important function of canceling the vestiges of monogamy/sexual
exclusivity in the psyche of the male. A further step in the
castration process can be accomplished by requiring the sub to witness
the feme enjoying other males. This establishes in the male's psyche
that he has no claim on, or rights over, the feme's body. She is the
free Subject and he is the Other. At this level of castration, any
idea of the male possessing a/the feme should be gone.

6. The castration of blood

The sixth level of castration is achieved through subjecting the male
genitals to piercing and to the placement of rings, frenums,
amphallangs, or other forms of genital jewelry which a feme may wish
her sub to endure or wear. The most ancient form of the castration of
blood is carried out in ritual circumcision. The taking of the
foreskin shows complete ownership of the genitals. When the dried
foreskin is in a jar on her shelf, the phallic serpent is fully in the
grip of her fist.

The point of carrying out the first six levels of castration is to
fully Other the male and in the process for the feme to become fully
the Subject with the Voice and Gaze. As well, they would be carried
out by the feme for her enjoyment--schadenfreude, and if carried out
properly and responsibly it would create for the male joissance of

These first six levels of castration are generally, depending upon how
serious they are, carried out repeatedly. As ongoing fucking keeps the
feme as Other, the repetition of these levels of castration maintain
the male as Other. Seduction into Otherness is the name of the game.
And as stated by Baudrillard in Seduction, "The law of seduction takes
the form of an uninterrupted ritual exchange where seducer and seduced
constantly raise the stakes in a game that never ends." He further
suggests that "sexual pleasure can be just a pretext for another, more
exciting, more passionate game." That "more exciting, more passionate
game" is the one of leading the male through the first six levels of
castration. Levels seven and eight below bring an end to the game.

7. The castration of performance

The seventh level of castration is more permanent. It prevents the
male from having an erection or performing sexually. It is generally
done by deep and radical piercings and the insertion of genital
jewelry. It can also be accomplished chemically. The seventh level of
castration, unless it entails temporary chemical castration, leaves
the male with sexual desire but a total inability or incapacity to
obtain a sexual release or orgasm. [Note: males without Dominas or
Masters will perform these procedures on themselves.]

8. Radical castration

The eighth level of castration, radical castration, entails surgical
removal of the testicles, and possibly more. Radical castration frees
the male from sexual desire as well as eliminating sexual pleasure.
This form of castration is used to create the Gallae, or sexual eunuch
slave of the priestess/Goddess. Such males performed an essential role
in ancient matriarchal societies and would be necessary in future
matriarchies--as well they were found in patriarchates too, e.g., the
Roman temples. Matriarchies need male warriors under their control.
The warrior requires a certain degree of aggression to be in place if
he is going to protect the community. This aggression can take a
sexual form which presents a danger to the femes of the community. The
Gallae are there to be fucked by the males whose aggression may be
needed. Also in a transition from patriarchy to matriarchy, the Gallae
serve a protective function by receiving male aggression which might
otherwise be targeted on femes. This is not homosexuality. The Gallae
function as surrogate femes. Basically, there is a place for every
male in a matriarchy, but every male is kept in his place and under
full control. No violence or force of any kind is required, as the
male is manipulated by and through his sexuality and seduction into
Otherness alone.

Notes to a Scientific Theory of Matriarchy


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