Domina in Shanghai, China - Shanghai Dominatrix Sabrina

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Dominatrix in Shanghai, China - Shanghai Domina Sabrina

You want to know what it's like, don't you, you poor puppy?

To be controlled - to be dominated - to be owned - to obey!

You want to feel the incredible release, ecstasy and freedomme that comes from surrendering yourself wholly to one who is so clearly your superior.

Now is the time, silly boy, to transcend all foolish boundaries.

I am your only boundary. Know my healing/hurting power.
It is time to surrender, little boy. And know peace at last.

I am the Mistress Sabrina Dunord. My time and talents are not to be wasted.

Call now. Or forever wonder what might have been.

Domina Sabrina

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Shanghai Dominatrix

Dominatrix in Shanghai

Shanghai Domina

Domina in Shanghai

Mistress in Shanghai



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