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Summary: Excellent Femdom Pay Site with Original Stories, Photos, and Videos! is a femdom fetish site which contains photos, stories, and videos depicting the sexual domination of men by women, with the stories sometimes involving exaggerated and implausible levels of fantasy violence.

Femdom Videos of

Most of the videos of are produced in the United Kingdom.  Currently, titles of the videos include "Beauty of Cruelty", "Cruel Mistresses", "House of Pain", "Sadistic Stable Girls", etc.

Almost all dominatrices in the movies speak with a British accent.  The videos have the highest quality among all femdom videos produced in the United Kingdom.

Photos of

Femdom photos of are among the highest qualities in all related websites.  The content of the photos involve

* Whipping/beating
* Boot licking
* Face slapping
* Forced Servitude
* Humiliation
* Serving as maid/ashtray/furniture
* Trampling
* Smoking
* Crush
* Castration (fantasy)

Stories of

Currently, cruella contains three series of original femdom stories.

ISLAND OF CRUELTY - Torture, Death, Execution, Pain for Sadistic Pleasure.
The Island of Cruelty is a fictional world where men are actually considered to be worth less than insects, a world where beautiful and sexy women rule supreme and they can do with men as they completely desire. It is also a world where women can simply kill men for pleasure.  The plots and photos contained in the stories are of the highest quality among all femdom related sites.

ATHENA'S WORLD - Part of the Island of Cruelty series, this features the mis-fortunes of males who have been shrunken by Athena's cruel scientific experiments on men.

CRUELLA'S GODDESSES - features short stories of real Goddesses in

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