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Introduction of Cock Control  - is a commercial orgasm denial training site. With a dozen or so
masturbation mistresses, they offer teasing and denial training, orgasm denial sessions, and straight-up cockteasing and other related niche phone sex services.

We have yet to review the services provided by them, therefore, we shall only comment on their website, in particular, the essays and related readings on cock control and tease and denial.

Content of

General Content:  CockControl features orgasm denial phone sex training, longterm phone/online training, group training with a number of Mistresses, orgasm denial live chat room, message forums, articles and essays, and email and Instant Message information posted on each Mistress’s page so that potential trainees can contact us. Each of the Mistresses also keeps her own blog (listed on her individual page on the site). Cock Control also offers free femdom audio recordings and podcasts, as well as two free online training programs, located at and Phone number for training is 800-356-6169

Photos: Photos of the masturbation mistresses are beautiful and perfect.  They are excellent imagines and professionally taken.

Essays: My favorite article is "Can I Meet You?" by Ally.  It explains and entails the answers to the potential question: Can a client meet a phone sex customer?

Responsiveness of

Excellent, if you send relevant emails to them directly. (as of January 2007)

They also provide 1-800 numbers for you to call.

Services Provided by

We have yet to have any reviews done by us.

As we provide third party independent reviews, please contact us and send us your comments or feedbacks to us.




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