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A male chastity belt is a locking item of clothing designed to prevent sexual intercourse of the male and possibly masturbation. The purpose, in general sense, may also be to protect the wearer from temptation. Here, we shall talk about chastity belts for males.

Modern Male Chastity Belt Use

Today, male chastity belts are sometimes used in consensual femdom play and as a form of erotic sexual denial. They are constantly teased, but via chastity belt, they are unable to have sexual relief.  The keys of their chastity belts are held in their dominant female partner.  In some countries, male chastity belts are used by a female partner to prevent her gigolo to have other female partners.

Male chastity belts range from simple leather or plastic toys commonly sold by adult stores to expensive high-security steel devices made by a handful of specialist firms.

Reasons for Wearing a Male Chastity Belt

Control your partners orgasms. This is an extremely powerful and effective relationship device that would prevent him from masturbation.

Psychological comfort for the keyholder: You will never fear him to have sex with someone else.

Domestic obedience: His home will be on the top of his priority list. You will find him helping with the chores.

Tease and denial: Kiss him passionately, tease him, deny his sexual pleasure as long as possible. The results of this denial will be extraordinary.



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