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CB 3000 Chastity Device and CB 3000 Reviews
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CB3000 Reviews - Chastity Device Review

CB 3000 Review #1

I love the CB3000. It fits better than my old Curve and is less noticeable under pants. Plus it looks great and keeps me constantly frustrated. I cannot pull out of it if I tried, and believe me I have tried.

CB 3000 Review #2

I originally wore the cb2000 but found it was too obvious under most of my clothing. The cb3000 with its natural shape is virtually undetectable under all of my clothing even jeans. To aid in staying "un-noticed" and under control, my wife also makes me wear women's bikini panties. This holds the devise closer to my body and give a more natural look when I sit. The cb 3000 used with baby oil is extremely comfortable for me.

CB 3000 Review #3

CB3000 much better than 2000 because of hinged rings, 3000 better than curve because better fit (tighter) and not as easy to masturbate in, have not been successful yet after several months of use. All three require a piercing at the base of cock to put the locking post through to insure the cock can not be pulled out. With the piercing it is very effective.

CB 3000 Review #4

The CB-3000 is by far the best of the 3 Miller products as far as we are concerned. Aesthetically my wife prefers it by far. As to comfort I honestly can forget I'm wearing it. I feel naked without it. It is very comfortable and I made the mistake of telling my wife as much. We got ours in December of 2003 and I have worn it almost 24/7 ever since. Erections well attempts at erections are not as painful as with the 2000 but unlike the Curve the 3000 does prevent them getting rock hard.

CB 3000 Review #5

I like the CB3000, having worn it continuously for some time. But even with it properly adjusted I find it is just about possible to masturbate. Also I haven't managed to find an arrangement of rings and spacers which don't pinch the ball sac during nocturnal erections. As a result I wake up several times a night in agony. Overall I think a tube is probably the best male chastity device, though I'd like a longer and slightly fatter tube than that on the CB3000.

CB 3000 Review #6

Cb-3000 This one fits perfectly, is completely sanitary and has taken away any more discussions with my Keyholder about removal for any other reason than Her pleasure. present time in cb3000 is about a week 24/7. Her current goal is 30 days, and then a milking.

CB 3000 Review #7

CB3000 Very comfortable, very fast delivery, no problem with appearance at all invisible under street wear. Not 100 % secure though it is possible to wriggle out however if a lockable waistband could be added this would be great.





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