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CFNM, or Clothed Female Naked (or Nude) Male is a term normally describing a scenario or a fantasy which involves one or more nude men and one or more clothed women. It is general a theme of female domination or exhibitionism.

The most prominent site involving cfnm is  By the way, this is a site with a huge collection of cfnm related photo stories.  It also contains a femdom story library at its cfnm forum for members. 

Visit the site at  (by the way, it's an excellent site).

Female Domination in contains a large collection of photo stories involving cfnm and female domination themes. In some stories, the nude man is teased and tortured; in others, he may be teased or forced to gratify one or more females but denied sexual release himself.

Exhibitionism in

Alternatively, also features men exposing themselves to women in a non-humiliating context. While this can include flashing, a sizeable subgenre involves women watching male strippers. This includes depictions of drunken female spectators engaging in fellatio or sexual intercourse with male dancers (usually under the label of a "girls' night out", "hen party" or "bachelorette party").

Editorial Picks of Favorite Photo Stories at

Wedding Day at - Robin and beautiful and sexy Pippa have just been wed.  Pippa, who does not really want to work, says she just wants to spend her life loving Robin, but Robin's father worries that her eye is more on their family's substantial bank account. Because of his small private parts, Robin's never been able to keep a girlfriend very long despite his wealth, reasonable good looks and sporting ability. Pippa then finds out and seductively ties both his hands in the back.  Then Robin is mocked, humiliated by Pippa and bridesmaids. He sleeps on the floor while Pippa sleeps in bed enjoying a dildo, what she calls a real cock.

There Are Worse Places Than Jail at - A gardener made a "violation" while working at a company and was threatened to be placed into a jail unless he follows the orders of two sexy female employees of the company.  He then is cuffed behind his back and was forced to lick the shoes of one of the beautiful ladies.  Then the stems of the flowers he bought for the lady was forced to be pushed into his anus.  The two ladies humiliated him, teased him, whipped him, and even used his penis as a golf ball holder.  (This is the most erotic femdom photo story I have ever encountered).

Roast at What do arrogant overpaid football stars do after a match?
Snort cocaine, pick up naive young girls, take them to 5 star hotels, strip them naked and fuck the living daylights out of them. At both ends. Hard and Nasty. But things don't turn as they are expected.  Until the tears are running down the 'bitches' (football stars) faces. They'd cry out for help except there's a big hard cock stuffed down their throats. And in their assholes! (a lot of strap on actions)

Nicola's Birthday Party at A girl's birthday party was disrupted and the disruptor got punished.  Actions include pony riding, spanking, and humiliation.

Emma's Kickboxing Basics at Emma has been taking kickboxing for years ever since she moved to London and wanted to make sure she could defend herself in a sticky situation. Recently she convinced her co-worker, Kelly, it's a great sport that teaches you self defense, keeps you in good shape and gives you powerful sexual energy. After taking an introductory kickboxing seminar Kelly was inspired to learn more, but realized how out of shape she was. She has joined Emma’s gym and the pair have begun working out together (excellent actions!)

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