Femdom Stories
Incentives to Femdom Authors - Femdom writers please read.
Femdom Strap-on Stories - Stories involving strap-ons and dominant women
Forced Femdom Stories - Stories with forced female domination acts.
Femdom Cuckold Stories - Female dominated cuckold stories.
Femdom Humiliation Stories - Female domination stories with humiliation scenes
Femdom Ball Busting Stories - Stories involving dominant females ballbusting submissive males.
Femdom Chastity Stories - Femdom stories involving the use of chastity belts.
Femdom Toilet Stories - Human toilet stories.
Femdom CBT Stories - Cock and ball torture stories with dominant women.
Femdom Castration Stories - Female domination stories with castration fantasies.
Femdom Authors - Significant femdom story or novel writers.


General Information

BDSMLibrary.com is a site that contains a large collection of BDSM related stories and novels. 

Because of political atmosphere, the original founder of bdsmlibrary.com transferred the site to its current new owner.

The stories contained in bdsmlibrary.com are mainly male dominated stories.  However, it also contains a certain number of female domination related stories. It considers itself an archive for BDSM stories including Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism, etc.

Currently, the site generates revenues from advertisements such as adbrite, the adult version of google adsense.

Visitors are able to search stories according to criteria, genre, and contents.

Most visitors of this site might not like the content of bdsmlibrary.com that much because the lack or the small number of femdom stories contained there.

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