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Ballbusting Game #1

-A very simple ballbusting game is to put a guy and a girl in a ring for a certain amount of time, the guy is naked, the girl only if she wants. She must wear boots or at least shoes. The goal is for her to get the guy down by pain to the nuts, anyway she wants, kicks, knees, grabs, as hard as she wants.

The guy can't fight back, no punches, slapping or grabbing the girl in any ways, he can only block or push her back with his hands (No fist.).

I could see 2 couples playing this game and of course each girl fighting the other couple's guy. To make sure the girls fight hard, the loosing couple would give something to the winning gal, like cash, or clean her car or whatever.

It would be cool to have an audience that of course cheers wildly when a girl downs a guy.

Ballbusting Game #2

This one's a bit more difficult but quite feasible (the hardest thing being to get 3 girls together). It requires minimum 3 girls + one man.

Starting count is 9 and it takes minus 1 with each kick.

The girls take turns in kicking the man every 30 seconds. Whenever he goes down (or is unable to stand for the following kick) the one that has kicked him too hard gets the the count as penalty. So they will try to kick not too hard, but hard enough for one of the others to lose.

However, when the man gets down, the two winners will hold him, and the loser can take her penalty out on him as number of kicks without needing to be careful. So he will be highly motivated to keep standing as long as possible.

Of course there can be many rounds, especially when there are more men around.

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