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Review of Miss Amy M.B.A (A Femdom Book)

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Femdom Book - Miss Amy - MBABuy the book at http://www.lulu.com/product/ebook/miss-amy---mba/15099900

Miss Amy M.B.A by James Pendergrass is one of the best femdom books I have every read.

Miss Amy is young, sexy, smart, intelligent, and cunning.  She knows how to control men, and she is not shy to control and abuse them.  When James fell for her, she takes full advantage of it.  She makes him suffer, kicks him on his balls, and forced him to wear a chastity belt.

When her friend, Miss Zoey, becomes Miss Amy's best friend, Miss Amy learns how to dominate, humiliate and torture James more.  Miss Zoey is also young, sexy, smart and capable, and James suffers at the hands of two women.

Miss Amy M.B.A is an excellent femdom book written by James Pendergrass.  I highly recommend it.  Below are some of the excerpts.

Excerpt 1 of Miss Amy M.B.A., a femdom book

 "How about this then?" She took her foot back and gave me a decent kick in the nuts." I grunted, and she smiled. "That felt good. I think I’ll enjoy that aspect of our relationship, but maybe some other time, when you aren't as obedient as today." She pulled her foot back and placed it next to her other foot. "Tell me when you're going to lose it, James."

"I'm going to lose it, Miss Amy!" I said ten seconds later.

She laughed. "Your face is turning all red. I wish I had a mirror. Shoot your mess in the tissue like I know you've been wanting to."

I proceeded to do just that. This particularly intense orgasm lasted almost a minute. I came so hard I went momentarily cross-eyed.

Excerpt 2 of Miss Amy M.B.A., a femdom book

"Good boy. Do you remember last week how I measured your naughty, wanton, insatiable little wee wee?" She spoke in such a mocking tone, as a girl might speak to a favored lap dog.

"Yes, Miss Amy."

She pushed her hair back before dropping the hammer. "I assume you are quite familiar with chastity belts, specifically male chastity belts?" There was that vindictive smile again.

"Yes, Miss Amy." I felt my mouth go dry.

Amy reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a fancy-looking stainless steel contraption. "I had this custom made. It cost $200, and you'll be paying for it in addition to my usual fee." Amy studied me carefully, and laughed. "You look like you've seen a ghost, James."

"I-I- Yes Miss Amy," I stammered.

My reaction caused Miss Amy's full-bodied laugh, the kind that caused her to throw her head back and display the deep pleasure she was feeling as I squirmed. Then she turned serious and told me to look her in the eyes. "Listen very carefully, James. This is important. I think it’s best if I assume full control of your penis. It really is the sensible move for you and for me - especially me." She snickered. "This way I can control your loads and force you to save up your cum-meals for my little visits. Imagine how much spooge you'll be able to munch on now."

Buy the book at http://www.lulu.com/product/ebook/miss-amy---mba/15099900

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