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Review of Journey Into Chastity, Book 1: The Journey Begins
(A Femdom Lesbian Cuckolding Novel)

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Journey Into Chastity, Book 1: The Journey Begins is one of the best femdom books I have ever read. 

The story line is exciting and intriguing.  John is in love with Laura, his girlfriend and fiancee, who has been involved in a lesbian affair with her roommate, Christine.  Both Laura and Christine are stunningly beautiful, wearing sexy outfits most of the time.  Laura, before meeting Christine, abstains from having sex with John, saving her virginity.  John hopes that he can get a release.  But with Laura and Christine together as lesbian lovers, will he have a chance? Will John be lucky enough by getting the benefits of having or serving two beautiful and sexy women?

Christine is a scheming lady who entraps John into deeper submission.  However, at the end of Part 1 of the femdom novel, Christine tells John that she takes John away from Laura because she is secretly in love with John.  Is that true?

At the hands of Laura and Christine, John is tricked into wearing a chastity belt, and becomes the sex slave for both women. He is constantly humiliated by them.  He craves Laura, but also secretly craves the smart Christine.  Will he enjoy at the hands of two lesbians, who have denied his release over and over again?

The story is fully of exciting and enticing dialogs, and actions of tease and denial, tortures by the two beautiful lesbians including bondage, whipping, slave training, slave contracts, pain, humiliation, degradation, cuckolding, clothespins, piercing, spiked rings, boot-licking, slapping, squeezing, and more.


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